Now that the dust is settled, what does Google’s search algorithm leak really tell us?

Like most of you, we’re forever indebted to Mike King, Founder of iPullRank, for meticulously analyzing over 2,500 Google algorithm ranking factors for us.

In this week’s episode of Content & Conversation, Ross and Jesse dive deep into the findings. From uncovering the impact of overall site authority scores to debunking myths about Panda’s real-time functionality, they leave no stone unturned.

The pair also explore the domino effect this leak will have, alleviate any concerns about SEO’s future, and evaluate the implications of AI Overview on search traffic. Additionally, listen until the end for insights on the future of hreflang.

Show Notes:

  • 00:08: Welcome, Jesse McDonald, Senior Director of SEO at Siege Media
  • 00:41: Mike King’s analysis of Google Search’s leaked internal engineering documentation (Read more)
  • 02:15: Overall site authority score
  • 03:05: The impact of clicks on rankings
  • 04:09: Defining Domain Authority
  • 04:49: “Font Size of Terms and Links Matters”
  • 05:26: The “small personal site” specification
  • 08:03: Authors as an explicit ranking feature
  • 09:13: Validity and effectiveness of the disavow tool
  • 10:27: AI Overviews: Initial observations (Read more)
  • 14:25: The traffic impact of AI Overviews by Kevin Indig (Read more)
  • 16:58: The future of hreflang (Read more)
  • 23:17: Why Google is cracking down on “parasite SEO” (Read more)
  • 30:10: Final wrap-up, thoughts, and SEO tips

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