Did you know that 37.5% of e-commerce site traffic comes from potential customers using search engines?

That’s why it’s important to build out your website with strong SEO-focused content that directly correlates with your products. A great e-commerce SEO agency can help build a successful SEO strategy to gain traffic and grow your business.

Need some evidence? Siege Media produced approximately $7,238,000/mo in client traffic value with our SEO strategies and recommendations. However, different agencies can offer different services based on your industry. That’s why we’ve created a list of great e-commerce SEO agencies that have experience in the field.

Scroll through to find the best e-commerce SEO agency for you.

  1. Siege Media: Best for Content SEO
  2. Straight North: Best for Paid Media
  3. Searchbloom: Best for Local SEO
  4. 1Digital Agency: Best for Short-Term SEO
  5. Whitecap SEO: Best for Brick and Mortar
  6. WebFX: Best for Automation
  7. HigherVisibility: Best for Migrations
  8. NOVOS: Best for International SEO
  9. SEO Locale: Best for Off-Page SEO
  10. Outerbox: Best for Web Design
  11. IWD Agency: Best for Consulting
  12. Inflow: Best for Analytics
  13. Big Leap: Best for Branding
  14. LinkGraph: Best for SEO Software

1. Siege Media

Siege Media homepage

Headquarters: Remote, with hubs in San Diego, Austin and New York City

Strengths: Creates SEO-focused content that drives rankings and traffic revenue in competitive industries.

Pricing: Custom pricing based on projected ROI and company budgets.

Recognizable clients: Casper, StyleSeat, and Instacart

Although we are a full-service SEO agency, we have worked with countless great e-commerce brands in our 10+ years in the business.

At Siege Media, we recognize the difficulties of ranking in a competitive space like e-commerce. That’s why our Siege team knows what it takes to make great SEO-focused content that resonates with our client’s target audience and reaches the highest positions on the SERP.

We especially love creating interactive content for our e-commerce partners, such as calculators, quizzes and generators. These are easy wins for clients as they can build passive links, increase organic traffic, and showcase the brand’s products.

Our agency has experienced SEO marketers, designers, editors, and developers that stay up to date on the latest industry trends and strategies. We strive to go above and beyond for our clients — just take a look at some of our recent e-commerce client reviews.

Siege Media offers SEO e-commerce services and provides sitewide and SEO optimization recommendations to ensure your website showcases your products in the best possible way while pushing you to be more authoritative in your micro-industry.

2. Straight North

Screenshot of the Straight North homepage site

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Strengths: Paid Media and SEO on a local and nationwide basis.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Pro Stock Hockey, Mrs Prindables, PVC Fittings Online

Straight North is a full-service digital marketing agency offering tailored SEO and Paid Media solutions for online retailers.

With expertise in e-commerce platforms and product optimization, their team excels in keyword research, on-page SEO, and creative strategies.

Straight North’s combination of SEO and paid media services has delivered measurable results for notable brands. Their proven track record makes them a fitting partner for e-commerce businesses aiming to drive sales growth and increase revenue.

3. Searchbloom

Searchbloom Homepage

Headquarters: Draper, Utah

Strengths: Offers free online tools for e-commerce marketers, such as a schema generator and snippet preview tool.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Nature’s Seed, 1-800 Contacts, and ShirtSpace

If you’re looking for an agency that’s honed in SEO strategies for e-commerce clients, you may be interested in Searchbloom.

Searchbloom is a digital marketing company that specializes in e-commerce SEO. Searchbloom’s goal is to alleviate its client’s SEO marketing workload and supporting exponential growth through SEO.

Searchbloom offers a few services for e-commerce clients needing help with ranking on the SERP and growing traffic, including keyword mapping, website technical support, and optimizing content. They also offer free tools for teams to use, like a schema generator tool.

4. 1Digital Agency

1digital agency homepage

Headquartered in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Strengths: Doesn’t offer long-term contracts for clients so they can manage how long they want to stay partnered.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Steinway & Sons, Kate Spade New York and Lenox

1Digital Agency is an e-commerce SEO company that prides itself on providing tailored e-commerce SEO solutions that grow its clients.

1Digital Agency has an internal team of e-commerce SEO specialists that stay informed on current SEO trends in an ever-changing landscape. The team offers expertise on more than 18 e-commerce platforms. 1Digital Agency offers services such as industry analysis, keyword research, link strategy, and conversion optimization consulting.

1Digital Agency also doesn’t offer long-term contracts, so clients can decide how long they want to work with the agency without any obligations to a permanent contract.

5. Whitecap SEO

whitecape seo homepage

Headquarters: Asbury Park, New Jersey

Strengths: Staffs experts for every popular e-commerce storefront.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Custom Ink, Ghirardelli, and Bucketfeet

Whitecap SEO is an e-commerce-focused agency created by entrepreneurs who initially used SEO strategies to help with their business endeavors. Whitecap SEO believes their personal experience with e-commerce SEO allows them to provide the right support for clients of all sizes.

Whitecap SEO is unique because they offer a team of experts for commonly-used e-commerce storefronts, like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento).

Whitecap SEO also offers services such as Google Ads management, site audits, content creation, and technical SEO support.

6. WebFX

WebFx Homepage

Headquarters: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Strengths: Offers its marketing automation software called MarketingCloudFX to grow client leads and sales.

Pricing: Plans range from $2,500 to $8,000 per month.

Recognizable clients: Furbo, Resource Furniture, and HydroWorx

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that’s accumulated more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The agency specializes in e-commerce SEO services and has worked in a variety of product industries.

WebFX offers four packages varying in depth and pricing so clients can pick exactly how much work they need. WebFX’s internal e-commerce SEO team also has experience working with multiple platforms, like Shopify and WordPress.

WebFX also created MarketingCloudFX, a revenue marketing software that businesses with sales teams use for in-depth sales insights.

7. HigherVisibility

higher visibility homepage

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee

Strengths: Provides professional SEO migration services for franchises.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Brilliant Earth and DIP ‘N DIVE

HigherVisibility is an e-commerce SEO agency that understands the challenges businesses face and how to create customized strategies that fit client needs.

HigherVisibility splits its SEO campaign into three components: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and analytics. HigherVisibility can tailor their e-commerce SEO strategy to improve your specific needs and online presence

HigherVisibility also offers online store optimization recommendations for those looking to migrate to another e-commerce platform or level up with the one they’re currently using.


novos homepage

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom

Strengths: Provides a free eBook guide to international e-commerce SEO strategy.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Antler, Totême, and Bloom & Wild

NOVOS is a younger U.K. e-commerce agency that’s proved to be a strong competitor in the international e-commerce SEO industry.

NOVOS’ mission is twofold: They want to support their client’s growth and their internal team’s personal development. NOVOs provides SEO, digital PR, technical CMS, and content marketing services.

Interested in learning more about NOVOS’ organic strategies? They developed an e-commerce SEO eBook for business owners and leaders.

9. SEO Locale

seo locale homepage

Headquartered in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Strengths: Offers a free website audit for potential new clients.

Pricing: Month-to-month contract

SEO Locale is a digital marketing agency that works with a variety of e-commerce companies to help grow their website and increase sales.

For e-commerce clients, SEO Locale established a “discovery phase” in its strategy process to find the best online store for your products. SEO Locale’s method involves both off- and on-page SEO tactics that will help your business attract attention and grow revenue.

SEO Locale also offers a free website audit for companies interested in their services to analyze what works well and what needs improvement.

10. Outerbox

outerbox design homepage

Headquarters: Akron, Ohio

Strengths: Provides e-commerce web design and development services.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Sur La Table, Lowe’s, and Lethal Performance

If you’re interested in revamping your e-commerce website but also need SEO services, Outerbox can help.

Outerbox is an e-commerce SEO company that works with businesses of all sizes. Outerbox values lasting partnerships with clients and developed data-backed SEO strategies that affect all e-commerce channels.

Not only does Outerbox have an internal team of e-commerce SEO experts to help with content development, but it also has a team of e-commerce web developers to help with updating your website with the latest technology.

11. IWD Agency

iwd agency homepage

Headquarters: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Strengths: Partners with Adobe Commerce, an e-commerce platform, to grow client revenue.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Marucci, QC Supply, and PSU Creamery

If you need extra help with your online marketplace, check out IWD Agency. IWD Agency is an e-commerce consulting agency that can assist businesses improve different aspects of their marketing strategy and efforts.

IWD Agency works closely with its clients to develop objectives and goals, review action plans, and provide long-term support as those plans get put into effect.

IWD Agency stands out for its suite of e-commerce service extensions. These extensions can build out client websites and improve conversions. One in particular is Adobe Commerce, which is an online e-commerce storefront.

12. Inflow

inflow homepage

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Strengths: Provides specialized Google Analytics 4 services for e-commerce businesses looking to migrate.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Simms, KEH Camera, and Revlon

Inflow is a digital SEO agency that provides unique marketing strategies for e-commerce companies that need extra help growing their brands.

Inflow collaborates with its partners each step of the way by getting to know the company’s micro-industry, looking at previous marketing actions, collaborating on goals, and planning execution.

Inflow offers a variety of services along with custom marketing strategies to meet client goals, such as conversion optimization and paid social advertising. The agency also provides a migration service for businesses that need help setting up Google Analytics 4 accounts.

13. Big Leap

bigleap homepage

Headquarters: Lehi, Utah

Strengths: Offers free branding eBooks and calculators for digital marketers to use.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Spoonful of Comfort, Truvy, and Kate’s Real Food

Big Leap is a customer-driven digital marketing agency that seeks to achieve long-lasting relationships with its e-commerce clients to find great SEO success.

Starting as a one-person startup, Big Leap understands the importance of building trust with clients by presenting quality content that brings high results.

Big Leap offers services like social media, email, and SEO marketing. They also offer professional reputation management services to monitor and improve brand reputation.

14. LinkGraph

linkgraph homepage

Headquarters: New York, Las Vegas, Belgrade, and Bogotá

Strengths: Offers its own proprietary SEO software suite.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Serena and Lily and Shutterfly

LinkGraph is a full-service SEO agency that specializes in technical SEO software and tools. E-commerce is just one of the three industries that Linkgraph works with to develop SEO marketing strategies.

LinkGraph stands out because of its expertise in SEO and link building and because they offer an SEO software suite full of tools for keyword research, content auditing, and backlink analysis.

LinkGraph understands the importance of ranking on the first page of the SERP for e-commerce brands to bring in traffic and results. They believe in the power of building a web design that’s both user-friendly and SEO optimized.

E-commerce Marketing at Siege Media

Ultimately, we firmly believe Siege Media is the best e-commerce SEO agency for your business and can fill in the gaps in your SEO marketing strategy and accelerate growth in your space.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Siege Media navigates the e-commerce industry to bring results, check out some of our recent case studies with e-commerce clients, or contact us about our e-commerce marketing services.

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