With a lot of growth comes a lot of lessons.

Since 2013, our team has paved the way from a team of five to over 100.

In this episode of Content & Conversation (and season two debut), we not only welcome new host Drew Page, Content Marketing Lead and deemed “funniest in the office” in 2018, we cover the lessons learned by CEO Ross Hudgens over the last eight years.

This dynamic duo covers the secrets to retention, choosing the “right” clients, and how a focus on company culture post-pandemic can impact your business long-term.

Show Notes:

  • 00:14: Welcome, Drew Page! Content Marketing Lead at Siege Media
  • 00:44: Growing from 1-100 people, what’s the secret to retention?
  • 3:32: How do you effectively pair a Content Marketing Specialist with a client that’s in their area of expertise (E-A-T)?
  • 4:51: Ross’ push to improve company culture, and why hiring great people with better benefits is good for business
  • 6:11: Why inclusive access to education and training is best for everyone
  • 7:15: What do you contribute to Siege’s design team success?
  • 8:36: The commitment to video and its influence on content strategy
  • 9:54: Differences in retention rates in CMS vs. Designers
  • 10:54: How did you develop a process to determine if a client is right for our services?
  • 13:01: What brought ESG initiatives to high-priority?
  • 14:57: You’ve developed a culture of open-source knowledge. Why?
  • 16:21: Moving towards 100-200 team members, what do you think the biggest challenges will be?
  • 17:09: How has SiegeLearn affected business both internally and externally?
  • 18:12: Do you plan to be CEO forever?
  • 18:25: Drew’s plan to take over as CEO and stories of his first interview at Siege

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