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Learn from the experts in our 45-lesson content marketing course.

See results with our in-depth lessons, video tutorials, printable takeaways and much more.

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Spending time and money on content and not seeing ROI? Our course will help you:

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Level up your SEO knowledge.

Without needing to invest in expensive tools. Feel confident evaluating searches to better understand why Google surfaces content.

Write templates that actually get read.

No more sending and waiting for a response. Our outreach templates achieve a 20% or better open rate on average.

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Prospect more efficiently.

Stop the spray and pray approach to outreach. We've cut down vetting time to seconds per website so you send higher quality pitches.

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Get content ranking faster.

Unsure where to start with keyword research? Done your homework but nothing is ranking? Follow our tips for more traffic.

Take a peek inside.

If you don't believe in the power of links to fuel your SEO strategy, this course isn't for you. But if you're spending hours on content already with little results, we can help.

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Who is this course for?

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In-House SEO Teams

Train up yourself or your team in just a few weeks.

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SEO Consultants

Get results for your clients quickly and efficiently.

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Small Business Owners

Make content marketing an easier task for the day.

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Link Builders

Find improvements in your current process.

Follow our proven process that generates triple digit traffic growth for clients like:

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The full course

  • What is Link Building?
  • What Makes Something Linkable?
  • Improving Outreach with AIDA
  • Subject Lines That Get 20%+ Open Rates
  • Make or Break Outreach Details
  • 4 Tried and Tested Prospecting Methods
  • How to Vet a Prospect in Seconds
  • How to Find an Email When it Gets Hard
  • 4 Advanced Prospecting Techniques
  • How to Get the Huffington Post, Fast Company and More to Cover You
  • How to Get Influencers and Bloggers to Cover You
  • How to Conduct Broken Link Building (BLB)
  • Common Scenarios and Follow Ups
  • Leveraging Reddit for Links and Traffic
  • How to Track and Report On Links
  • Learning from Failed Outreach
Content Marketing
  • How to Brainstorm Ideas
  • How to Brainstorm Link Driven Content
  • How to Brainstorm Search Driven Content
  • Using Social Proof to Validate Good Ideas
  • Determining an Outreach Market for Link-Driven Assets
  • How to Choose a Content Format
  • Design Best Practices For All Content Needs
  • Listicle Creation Best Practices
  • SEO Driven Article Best Practices
  • Infographics for Link Building Best Practices
  • Long-form Content Best Practices
  • Survey Content Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Interactives
  • Photography for Content Marketing
  • Video Tips for SEO
  • Must-Know SEO Terms for Content Marketers
  • Beginner Keyword Research for Content Marketers
  • How to Optimize Without Keyword Stuffing
  • Ranking Factors You Should Know
  • Can I Rank For This?
  • How SERPs Can Inform Your Content
  • How to Rank for “How-to” Keywords
  • How to Rank for “Ideas” Keywords
  • How to Rank for “Quotes” Keywords
  • How to Rank for “Best” Keywords
  • Single Page SEO Auditing for a Content Marketer
  • How to Use SEO & Content to Increase Traffic
  • How to Grow Without Ever Going Viral

What people are saying

“This is one of the few courses about content marketing and SEO that I need every one of my team members to watch. It’s easy to consume, well-explained, and holds many nuggets of information.

Kevin Indig, VP SEO & Content, G2.com

“I’ve shared this course with my entire team. Valuable for both agencies and in-house. For the price, you’ll earn your money back after just a few links. To top it off, your content will improve significantly, earning you links over time.”

Cyrus Shepard, Founder of Zyppy

“The Siege Media team is made up of the best content marketers and link builders I know. If you’re struggling to scale content while achieving results, this course is a must.

Sujan Patel, Growth Marketer & Entrepreneur

This course brilliantly breaks down the complexities of creating content that produces results. I’ve made sure everyone on the team has access and am looking forward to the value that will stem from it.”

Matt Polsky, VP of Organic Search, Veteran’s United

“Since we started working with [Siege Media], our organic traffic has been growing more than 10% month-over-month. That gives me peace of mind, because I know their links are over performing.

Georgia McIntyre, SEO Manager, Fundera

“Each individual section is packed with easy to understand tactical advice. I’ve already begun implementing their recommendations and look forward to tracking the results.”

Andrew Saladino, Co-Founder, Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Our pricing is for lifetime access. One license is one login. If you are interested in purchasing five licenses or more, contact us at info@siegemedia.com about group discount pricing.

How long will the course take?

Our entire course on average takes two months to complete and another two months to see results.

Will you be adding more lessons?

Yes! This is just our initial launch, but we will continue to add more lessons to each course (including more advanced level content). Don’t worry, we won’t raise the price on you as we add more courses.

What is your refund policy?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds after purchasing the course.