Nick Lafferty joins us on Content & Conversation.

Pitching to an executive team that wants quick results can throw you into a high-pressure situation.

Implementing and investing in SEO strategies that will get executives on board is a delicate situation to navigate. Luckily, Nick Lafferty, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at Loom, sat down with Ross to chat about navigating an executive pitch, who to involve from your team, and how to execute one flawlessly (or pretty close to it).

With several years of growth marketing experience under his belt as both a freelancer and at companies like Mailgun, Nick knows the common successes and pitfalls of pitching SEO strategies.

To overcome these obstacles, Ross and Nick discuss keeping client’s expectations realistic, dealing with unreasonable time restraints, and how patience is a virtue when it comes to SEO strategies.

Show Notes:

  • 00:25: Welcome Nick Lafferty, Head of Growth Marketing at Loom
  • 00:51: Important pre-executive pitch steps to ensure it’s received well
  • 6:23: What to do in your first 30 days at an organization
  • 9:27: How to execute a pitch to your executive team
  • 12:14: Scale-back on projections, keep it realistic
  • 15:01: How to deal with push back, unrealistic time expectations
  • 17:29: Common mistakes when failing to get buy-in
  • 20:12: How to execute after making the pitch
  • 24:17: How to overcome obstacles within an organization
  • 26:24: Is SEO education necessary pre-pitch?
  • 29:00: Final tips, tactics, and recommendations
  • 32:18: Using domain authority to give time expectations

Still with us?

Ross and Nick kept the conversation going — pivoting towards the unexpected value of coined terms in your industry.

You may have heard of Brian Dean’s infamous “Skyscraper Technique” or have wondered where “inbound marketing” came from (HubSpot).

Whether it be strategic execution or a happy accident, these coined terms have not only be engrained in our typical conversation, but have resulted in greater rewards for these businesses both in organic traffic and brand awareness.

Ryan breaks down how Loom accomplished this as well and why their continued efforts paid off. Spoiler alert, there may be some “Slack-splaining.”

Watch the video below to learn more.

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