There’s probably no other person in the world you should trust more for YouTube SEO than Brian Dean.

Brian has built a channel with 150,000 subscribers and similar view counts on a per video basis. In addition, he has built an SEO training empire over at Backlinko.

In this episode of Content and Conversation, Brian shows us why YouTube SEO is actually a bad way of thinking about distribution on YouTube. Yes, he shows us how to rank on search results, but more importantly he shows us how to show up period — a much more important thing if you want to build a presence on YouTube.

We also talk about how YouTube SEO informs Google SEO, the three biggest ranking factors, attribution modeling for YouTube, and a whole lot more. See the video as well as show notes and important points in the video below.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

0:53: What are the three biggest YouTube ranking factors?
2:54: Why do long, bad videos rank well?
4:30: Is there Pogo Sticking on YouTube like there is on Google?
7:35: Why won’t this video rank for YouTube SEO?
13:55: How do you do keyword research for video?
16:40: Do you tie YouTube SEO back to Google Search?
21:00: What we should be doing instead of YouTube SEO
23:05: How to do YouTube Suggested Video Optimization (SVO)
27:00: How to attribute conversions back to YouTube
32:20: How should we adapt to Google’s push toward visual search?
36:00: What are some hacks that are easy to implement to improve your video?

Show Notes:

Brian has many amazing tips for showing up more often on YouTube, even if it isn’t through SEO. I think our conversation was illuminating and in many ways, shows why sometimes showing up for your keyword isn’t actually the right thing to do.

Our goal as marketers should always be distribution. SEO is one such channel, but sometimes, ignoring SEO is also the right move as well. Knowing when and where to do each will help you show up more often no matter where you focus.

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