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We know the elements that make a good story are the ones that make a good video.

That's why our videos feel like entertainment first, marketing second.

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Cara Brown

Lead Videographer

Cara brings a unique combination of SEO optimization and production experience to the team. With nearly a decade of experience in the creative industry and a background in script-writing, marketing and e-commerce, Cara develops engaging multimedia content through creative direction and analytics.

Ben Park

Video Production Specialist

With over a decade of experience in video production, Ben supports the San Diego video production team as a video editor, camera operator, cinematographer and director. With a background in digital marketing and music videos, he brings a craftsman approach to creating video for a diverse range of clients — communicating their message elegantly, creatively and efficiently.

Julissa Arangure

Creative Lead

Julissa is the creative maven supporting the San Diego video production team. She oversees styling, casting and set design — going above and beyond to ensure that photo and video rival the quality of even the best in-house creative team.

The Siege Media team are a bunch of pros. When it comes to video production (and content marketing in general) they are so on point. They are raising the bar. Was truly impressive to see them work and to see the final product.”

John-Henry Scherck, Growth Consultant

“I've been blown away by Siege Media's state of the art in-office studio for original photos and video for years which continues to improve. Not to mention their brilliant video team who leverage data to create videos that are high-quality, beautiful, and most importantly effective.”

Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

Find out what makes us different.

We’ve been called creatives at heart, but we still know how to strategize.

In fact, we’re content strategy experts. We design and optimize videos for maximum distribution, because what’s the point of a great story if nobody sees it?

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