Siege Media’s goal as a company is to aggressively grow great businesses. In order to do that, we need the talented people with the right mindset in order to get it done. Similarly, it would be remiss of us as a company to declare Siege an agency that wants to build great businesses without similarly wanting to develop and have great marketers within our ranks.

When I started my career in SEO, I was lucky enough to have a mentor to guide me towards the career I wanted – and have because of that, seen what I define as great success. This mentor actually pushed me to eventually leave the company he ran – because he knew that was the best situation for my growth stage. Similarly, if you join Siege, you will be groomed to grow as a person and marketer, as I hope to pass on the original mentorship I was so lucky to receive.

Siege would like you to stay here forever, but that’s not always a realistic goal. Just as we often aim to have clients fire us (as retaining us can often show our own inefficiencies), we also hope that the people that work for Siege go on to do great things, whatever and wherever that happens to be.

Ross Hudgens, Siege Media Founder

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