Digital PR services can be a huge asset to your brand’s overall digital marketing strategy.

With an agency specializing in digital PR, you can reap the benefits of building quality backlinks, driving traffic to your website, and creating buzz around your brand.

Digital PR leverages many different marketing strategies, including content creation, social media and influencer marketing, and more to ensure your brand gets the coverage it needs.

In this guide, explore the seven best digital PR agencies and tips for finding the best digital PR services for your business.

  1. Siege Media: Best for Premium SEO
  2. Green Flag Digital: Best for Links
  3. Builtvisible: Best for Agencies
  4. Go Fish: Best for Data-Driven Strategy
  5. uSERP: Best for SaaS
  6. Power Digital: Best for Influencers

1. Siege Media

A screenshot of Siege Media's digital PR services homepage

Best for: Premium SEO content and link building

Headquartered in: Remote with hubs in San Diego, Austin and New York City

Industries: Fintech, e-commerce, SaaS

Strengths: Keyword-driven content to drive rankings, improve organic traffic, and improve organic traffic

Recognizable clients: Zendesk, Intuit, AAA, Chime

With over 10 years of experience, Siege Media is top-of-the-line when creating content that will rank and drive organic traffic. Our skilled team of marketers executes all types of content that drive high-quality traffic, including everything from blogs and interactives to videos and eBooks.

Our talented team at Siege specializes in premium SEO-focused content marketing, graphic design, and promotion through digital PR efforts. With search volume always in mind, Siege focuses on building sustainable outcomes by creating high-quality, brand-building assets that consistently generate quality organic links over time.

With digital PR at our core, our link-building services drive rankings, revenue, and brand recognition. We’re proven to deliver — we generate 6,000+ pieces of coverage per month for clients like Credit Karma, Zendesk, Intuit, and more — just check out our case studies and wonderful client reviews to see for yourself.

2. Green Flag Digital

A screenshot of Green Flag Digital's homepage

Best for: Data driven link generation

Headquartered in: Austin, Texas

Industries: Finance, insurance, travel, B2B software

Strengths: Digital PR, resource page link building, and technical SEO

Recognizable clients: Mindbodygreen,, Coastal Creative

Green Flag Digital provides data-driven strategies to help its clients achieve their needed coverage. The digital PR specialists help strategize, identify, and execute strategies to help boost revenue and marketing goals. Green Flag Digital ensures that its team creates mutually beneficial and evergreen content that serves both the brands and the publishers.

This team follows a 15-step process that starts with industry research, followed by topics selection, keyword matching, content creation, design, market research, promotion, and follow-up. Green Flag Digital specializes in infographics, maps, surveys, data studies, and long-form blog posts.

3. Builtvisible

A screenshot of Builtvisible's homepage

Best for: Agencies and in-house teams

Headquartered in: London, United Kingdom

Industries: Travel, finance, e-commerce

Strengths: Combining SEO, content creation, and analytics

Recognizable clients: Decisiontech, Towergate, GLL

Storytelling with data insights combined with the human touch of their specialist team makes up Builtvisible’s digital PR services. Their team aims to unify creativity and data, align stakeholders, and create a strong path to brand coverage for their clients.

Buitvisible’s digital PR services include end-to-end campaigns and consulting on every project. They also provide SEO link building, outreach, and promotion services to help brands achieve consistent and high-impact exposure.

4. Go Fish Digital

A screenshot of Go Fish Digital's homepage

Best for: Data-driven content strategy

Headquartered in: Raleigh, North Carolina

Industries: Retail, B2B, travel and leisure, real estate

Strengths: SEO, link-building campaigns, SEM, influencer marketing, and online reputation management

Recognizable clients: Geico, The New York Times, Marriott, Airbnb, Adobe, GE

Go Fish Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, link-building campaigns, SEM, PPC, influencer marketing, online reputation management (ORM), and more. The team prides itself on responsive communication, complete transparency, project management, and an ethical approach to all marketing services.

Their digital PR services are unique due to their emphasis on creating eye-catching tangential content that ties back to the current news cycle. They also create custom surveys to help collect newsworthy insights. The team has gained its clients’ coverage on sites like the New York Times, ESPN, CNN, and more.

5. uSERP

Best for: SaaS brands

Headquartered in: Lone Tree, Colorado

Industries: SaaS, B2B, finance

Strengths: SEO and link-building services

Recognizable clients:, Hotjar, Robinhood

uSERP is a team of specialists that helps scale organic growth with performance-driven SEO and authority backlinks. Their content and link strategy helps produce high-quality assets that earn media attention and improve rankings, traffic, and conversions.

uSERP ‘s digital PR services help scale industry authority by improving thought leadership, brand authority, organic rankings, and E-A-T signals. In addition to their campaigns, uSERP offers KPI reports, and strategy calls with the experts to help check in and ensure their clients are on track to meet their goals.

6. Power Digital Marketing

A screenshot of Power Digital's homepage

Best for: Influencer campaigns

Headquartered in: San Diego, California

Industries: Retail, fitness and wellness, SaaS

Strengths: Digital PR, SEO & PPC, content marketing

Recognizable clients: P&G, Casper, Alo

Power Digital Marketing is a team of marketers, creatives, technologists, and analytics that come together to drive revenue and brand recognition for their brands. Their omnichannel support includes services like SEO, social media, content marketing, CRO, and digital PR.

The digital PR services at Power Digital Marketing consist of fully customized media relations that help build lasting credibility and brand awareness through customer strategies for new media platforms and influencer campaigns. Their strategy is centered on smart storytelling and analytics that dives results to present a cross-platform approach to media relations. Additionally, their PR experts pair their campaigns with high-level reporting.

Tips for Finding the Best Digital PR Services

Interested in implementing a digital PR strategy but not sure where to start? Read more for tips on finding the best digital PR agencies and services.

Identify Your Specific Needs and Goals

Before you start looking for digital PR services, identify your specific needs and goals. Some things to consider could include:

  • Are you hoping to boost your SEO ranking?
  • Are you looking to help your business scale through country-wide or international coverage?
  • What budget do you have to work with?

Once you have a clear idea of your needs, finding a PR agency that can deliver the services you require will be easy.

Do Some Research

After determining your goals and vision, do thorough research to help you find digital PR services that fit the best. Doing some digging online will help you evaluate how established a digital PR agency is and what image it’s made for itself. You’ll also get an idea of the type of clients they work with, industries they have experience in, and areas of expertise.

You want your prospective agency to have a solid history of producing results. For example, Siege Media’s content marketing services generate over $148,646,000 in yearly client traffic value. While looking around, consider your brand, the target audience you want to reach, and the type of PR strategies you want to use.

Search for a Track Record of Success

Look for digital PR agencies that have a proven track record of success. Ask for examples of successful campaigns, check their social media engagement, and the coverage achieved. Take a look at any case studies they have; these are usually featured on their website and can give you a good idea of the success stories and results they’ve produced for their clients.

For example, Siege Media’s website features a multitude of case studies — one even highlights how Secureframe partnered with Siege Media and grew site-wide traffic value by 112% and increased backlinks by 95% in as little as six months.

Look at Reviews and Testimonials

Look for digital PR agencies online and research their websites, review pages, case studies, and testimonials. This will not only give you an idea of their experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trust (E-E-A-T) in your industry but will give you a sense of the satisfaction level of the customers they’ve worked with. You can find company reviews directly on its website or on popular review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Angi, and Trustpilot.

Ask for Referrals

Finally, ask for references from previous or current clients or even colleagues and friends who have worked with your prospective digital PR agency. This can help you get more direct and honest feedback and can give you a good idea of their experience working with them and any potential drawbacks.


There’s a lot that goes into making sure your content gets the coverage it needs. Here are some frequently asked questions about digital PR services.

What Do Digital PR Agencies Do?

Digital PR agencies help businesses and organizations improve their online presence, reputation, and relationships with their target audience through various digital channels.

They execute campaigns and strategies to increase brand awareness, credibility, and visibility through:

  • Media outreach
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Influencer marketing
  • Online reputation management

Why Is Digital PR Important?

Digital PR is important because it helps businesses reach their target audience online, build relationships with influencers and journalists, and improve their online reputation. It can also help businesses increase their website traffic and generate leads.

What Is the Average Cost of Digital PR Services?

The cost of digital PR can vary depending on the type of services, your KPIs, and goals as a company. However, it typically can range from as little as $5,000 per month to $15,000 per month based on the type of campaign:

  • Outreach campaigns: ~$5,000-$10,000 per month
  • Full-service campaigns: ~$10,000+ per month
  • Cost per placement: ~$800-$1,200 per month

At Siege, services start at around $15,000 per month — this price allows you to reap the most benefits of digital PR and help you stay ahead and gain the most momentum in competitive industries.

How Can I Measure the Success of a Digital PR Campaign?

You can measure the success of a digital PR campaign by tracking metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, backlinks, and media mentions. It is important to set specific goals and track progress over time to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

Bake Digital PR Into Your Strategy

There are many digital PR agencies and services to choose from, but it’s up to you to find the one that best fits your brand’s goals and objectives. At Siege Media, our team of creative content specialists, designers, editors, and front-end developers can create high-traffic content that fits several needs — we have almost $150 million in generated traffic revenue to prove it.

Looking to take advantage of digital PR efforts? Check out our digital PR services and get a free ROI assessment.

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