As an agency that specializes in high-value content creation and has created over 17,600 pieces of content, Siege Media understands how content marketing can impact a brand’s online growth.

If you look up “content creation services,” you’ll see there are a lot of agencies to choose from — each with its own specialties and foundations. That’s why we’ve created a list of exceptional content creation services to make it easier for you when it comes to decision-making time.

If content creation is a priority for you, keep on scrolling through our list.

  1. Siege Media – Best for Premium SEO
  2. ClearVoice – Best for High-End Content
  3. Power Digital – Best for Digital Content
  4. WebFx – Best for Data-Driven Marketing
  5. Brafton – Best for Full-Scale Content
  6. Foundation – Best for B2B Content
  7. Column Five – Best for Content Design
  8. LYFE Marketing – Best for Social Media
  9. Searchbloom – Best for Paid Media
  10. Builtvisible – Best for Data Analysis

1. Siege Media

a screenshot of the siege media homepage.

Best for: Premium SEO content

Headquartered in: San Diego, CA — Remote

Industries: Fintech, e-commerce, SaaS

Strengths: Keyword-driven content to drive rankings, increase passive links, and improve organic traffic

Pricing: Custom pricing based on projected ROI and company budgets

Recognizable clients: Norton, Instacart, and Smartsheet

This may be our list, but with 10+ years of content creation experience, we like to think we stand out from the rest of the agency crowd. As an SEO-focused agency, Siege Media creates content that will rank on Google and drive organic traffic. If you need some extra convincing, you can also check out our latest client reviews.

At Siege, all of our content makers on staff can brainstorm and produce high-quality content for a spread of industries.

Additionally, our content marketing specialists work alongside our graphic design team to create visual assets to support the content and make it as impactful as possible for our clients and their goals.

From simple SEO-focused content to interactive statistics posts to data-backed studies, Siege offers a variety of content creation services to match your content needs.

2. ClearVoice

Clearvoice Homepage

Best for: Best for high-end content creation

Headquartered in: Phoenix, Arizona

Industries: B2C, healthcare, software, financial, and legal services

Strengths: Offers its own talent discovery engine called VoiceGraph to vet freelance writers

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Cabela’s, Tailwind, and Cisco

ClearVoice is a freelance digital network that connects clients to industry expert writers. ClearVoice provides customers with teams of talent managers, editors, freelancers, and customer success managers.

The network provides three separate content strategies for their clients: Attraction, Conversion, and Authoritative — depending on what the client’s goals are for their content.

Those interested in freelance work can connect with ClearVoice to pair with top brands in various industries nationwide.

3. Power Digital

Power Digital Homepage

Best for: Across-the-board content creation, along with social media

Headquartered in: San Diego, CA

Industries: B2B, B2C, and private equity firms

Strengths: Offers its own marketing analysis platform called Nova in addition to tailored content strategies.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Casper, Airbnb, Daily Harvest, and Peloton

Power Digital is a one-stop shop for all things digital content creation.

They can go top of the funnel, like creating content for TikTok and other social platforms, to the bottom of the funnel, like strategic email marketing and facilitating partnerships.

Power Digital sees itself as a “digital marketing branch” without needing to hire in-house. They create curated content strategies to promote reach and revenue for their clients.

Plus, Power Digital offers Nova — its own marketing analysis platform — which can provide deeper business insights, create a strategy plan and report on progress.

4. WebFX

WebFx Homepage

Best for: Data-driven revenue marketing

Headquartered in: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Industries: B2B, B2C, and e-commerce

Strengths: Offers its own marketing-automated software called MarketingCloudFX in addition to utilizing proprietary data to create curated strategies

Pricing: One-time project ranges between $5,000-$30,000

Recognizable clients: Furbo, Hilton, and Verizon

If you’re located on the East Coast of the US and want to work with a local agency, you may be interested in WebFX.

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that has helped small local businesses grow and supported larger corporations with digital marketing strategies. WebFX is a results-driven agency and is big on analyzing the numbers when it comes to revenue and organic traffic growth.

WebFX also created MarketingCloudFX, which can house commonly-used marketing tools in one centralized platform. It can also track sales, traffic, and leads while gathering insights and proprietary data.

5. Brafton

Brafton Homepage

Best for: Full-scale content needs

Headquartered in: Boston, MA

Industries: Finance, technology, education, health care, and software

Strengths: Offers outsourcing marketing resources for specifically B2B and B2C brands

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Lasko, Routledge, Rubbermaid, and Stanford University

Brafton is a full-service creative content production agency that specializes in marketing campaigns and creating technological solutions for brands that don’t have in-house resources to continue expanding their presence.

Brafton offers a plethora of services, including content writing, video creation, social media consulting, and inbound consulting.

As a content marketing expert, Brafton creates inbound content marketing strategies, conducts technical SEO audits, and supports social media strategy and promotion.

6. Foundation

Foundation Homepage

Best for: B2B content creation

Headquartered in: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Industries: Software, manufacturing, B2B, and SaaS

Strengths: Offers a free 30-minute consultation for accurate marketing assessments

Pricing: Custom pricing

Foundation is a Canadian content marketing agency that follows three pillars in their services — collaborate, research and strategize.

Foundation values long-term client relationships and building content strategies with goals and action plans in place. They see value in researching industry competitors for marketing insights and developing client strategies.

Foundation offers services specifically catered toward certain industries — manufacturing, software, B2B, and so-called boring industries, also known as “traditional” industries.

7. Column Five

Column Five Homepage

Best for: Design-focused content

Headquartered in: Costa Mesa, CA

Industries: B2B, growth-stage SaaS, technology, education, financial services, and consumer goods

Strengths: Creates graphic assets that distinguish clients from competitors

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: 23andMe, Adobe, Harvard University, and

Brands looking for elevated design and great supporting content should take a look at Column Five.

Column Five offers strategy-focused services across the board — including content creation, brand strategy, and distribution strategy. They even have eBooks for potential clients to check out for each service type.

With that, the agency emphasizes the importance of strong visual design and creating well-done assets like social media content, infographics, and data visualizations.

Column Five’s philosophy is building and delivering content that reflects its client’s identity while also resonating with the brand’s target audience.

8. LYFE Marketing

Lyfe Marketing Homepage

Best for: Social media marketing

Headquartered in: Atlanta, Georgia

Industries: B2C, B2B, food and drink services, and wellness

Strengths: Offers full-service social media marketing strategies

Pricing: Social media pricing between $750-$7000 a month

Recognizable clients: Streamshift, Vulcan, and VegaX

Another agency that’s doing it right in the social media game is LYFE Marketing. They’re a full-service social media management company that works with a wide span of companies to help develop their social media presence.

LYFE Marketing’s primary offering is social media management services, but they also offer email, text messaging, and PPC management services.

LYFE Marketing’s social media management includes content creation, publishing, advertising, and monitoring. If you’re looking for a resource to handle all of your social media needs — LYFE Marketing may be ideal for you.

9. Searchbloom

Searchbloom Homepage

Best for: SEO and paid media services

Headquartered in: Draper, Utah

Industries: E-commerce, B2C

Strengths: Prioritizes partner-agency relationship to create SEO-focused marketing strategies

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: 1-800 Contacts, Divvy, and Rancher

If you’re looking for an agency that understands all aspects of SEO and pay-per-click management, you may find Searchbloom of interest.

Searchbloom creates extensive digital marketing strategies for partners that prioritize trust and transparency. Searchbloom values lasting relationships with partners that are transparent, reliable, and center mutual respect.

They offer SEO services on all levels — local, national, and e-commerce — so they understand how SEO strategies shift depending on the market size.

10. Builtvisible

Builtvisible Homepage

Best for: Data-driven strategy

Headquartered in: London, England, United Kingdom

Industries: E-commerce, finance, and travel

Strengths: Provides data-driven technical strategies for organic growth

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Icelandair, Bravissimo, and GLL

Builtvisible is a value-led content marketing agency that seeks out providing clients with meaningful agency experiences from start to finish.

They focus on creating purposeful content for organic channels that will see a return on investment as the content matures online.

Builtvisible also offers data analysis, digital PR, and SEO expertise for every client. Builtvisible is eager to provide resources for clients and fellow content marketers in the form of guides and an active blog.

Choosing a Content Creation Service

When choosing a content creation service, there are a few things to consider:

  • Does this agency understand your industry?
  • What kind of content creation are you looking for?
  • Are you looking to focus just on your blog, or are you interested in other verticals?

Below are some guidelines to consider when selecting a content creation service for your business.

The Types of Content Creation

The content you’re looking for can be a large factor when deciding on an agency. There are tons of different content creation services that exist and can create exactly what you need.

Below are a few types of content creation services to help narrow your search:

  • SEO content development and promotion
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Video production and marketing
  • E-book marketing
  • Social media marketing

If your brand really needs video content production, it’s best to choose an agency with notable years of experience in that realm and available work you can check out.

If you’re needing help with updating your social media accounts, choose an agency that specializes in social media management.

Your Businesses’ Industry

As you can see in the list above, lots of agencies tend to specialize in specific industries, like B2B or e-commerce. When choosing an agency, you want one that has experience in your industry and understands the nuances. They also will know of your direct competitors (maybe even worked with them) and how to boost your online presence in your specific industry.

Consider What You Need Outside of Content

Content creation may be a large priority for hiring a content creation service. However, are there other aspects of your brand marketing that needs improvement or solutions?

There are content creation services that can provide more than just content creation — like marketing strategies and SEO analytics. Marketing agencies tend to be pretty well-rounded, so you’ll be in good hands with whichever agency you may choose from the list above.

Ready to Hire a Content Creation Service?

At Siege Media, our diverse team of content marketers, editors, front-end developers, and designers have the ability to create high-quality content for a variety of industries. Just check out some of our recent case studies to see some of our most recent work.

If you’re ready to connect with a customer-first agency that understands the impact of well-executed content creation, check out some of our content strategy services. You may just find that Siege Media is the right fit for you.

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