It takes a great content marketing agency to know one.

And as a great content marketing agency, Siege Media knows how important it is to choose an agency that fits your goals.

While our content marketing services drive approximately $7,238,000/mo in client traffic value, we may not be the best fit for your company.

We know that, and we don’t want to waste months of your time creating content that just won’t work. But we do know who the best in the biz is, and we’re willing to share our list of the 10 best content marketing agencies.

If creating great content is your goal, this list is for you.

Best Content Marketing Agencies

  1. Siege Media – Best Overall
  2. 97th Floor – Best for Automation
  3. Omniscient Digital – Best for SaaS
  4. Foundation – Best for B2B (Canada)
  5. Brafton – Best for High Volume
  6. Power Digital – Best for Full Service
  7. Optimist – Best for SaaS
  8. Column Five – Best for Design
  9. Green Flag Digital – Best for Digital PR
  10. Builtvisible – Best for Content Strategy

1. Siege Media

Best for: Premium SEO Content

Headquartered in: 100% remote with hubs in San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, and New York, NY

Industries: Finance, e-commerce, B2C, B2B, and SaaS

Strengths: Keyword-focused content created to consistently drive rankings

Pricing: Custom pricing based on projected ROI and company budgets

Recognizable clients: AirBnB, Asana, Tripadvisor, and Zillow

Though this is our list, with 10+ years of SEO and design experience and amazing client reviews, we think we deserve to be at the top. As an SEO-focused, customer-driven agency, Siege Media creates content that ranks and helps companies grow.

By focusing on the end-to-end experience of the client, Siege Media sets up businesses to generate impressive results long term.

With more than 40 designers on staff, our team consistently creates high-quality design assets that range from static in-post images to interactive calculators, quizzes, and animated infographics.

Additionally, Siege Media prioritizes the consumer experience, offering sitewide recommendations for UX and SEO optimization to ultimately improve rankings and achieve performance goals.

Siege Media also offers complimentary SEO tools to help clients move from point A to point B without breaking the bank. Finally, our premium services — including SiegeLearn, blog design for content hub centers, and SEO consulting — set us apart from other content marketing agencies.

2. 97th Floor

97th Floor website screenshot

Best for: Content automation

Headquartered in: Lehi, UT

Industries: Business, health, technology, B2C, and media/publishing

Strengths: Customizable onboarding process and innovative marketing strategies

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Blendtec, Gigamon, and Utah Jazz

97th Floor prioritizes the relationship between content and customers and creates individualized marketing plans for each client.

With data-driven processes — many founded by its patent pending software suite Palomar — this content marketing agency seeks valuable and ever-evolving opportunities to create customer-focused content.

Additionally, a customized onboarding process and team selection allows 97th Floor to partner its clients with best-fit marketers, designers, and creators.

These custom processes benefit a variety of company types, including funded startups, trailblazers, and Fortune 50 brands.

3. Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital website screenshot

Best for: Mid-sized SaaS

Headquartered in: Austin, TX

Industry: B2B and SaaS

Strengths: Tailors to niche markets to promote business growth

Pricing: Custom pricing starting at $8,000/month

Recognizable clients: AppSumo, GatherContent, Jasper, and Wordable

Working primarily with B2B software companies, Omniscient Digital strives to turn content into business growth.

This content marketing agency uses a four-step approach — research, strategy, production, and promotion — to create ready-to-publish articles for clients.

This approach, along with product-based content optimized for traffic and lead generation, allowed Omniscient Digital to see considerable success with SaaS and B2B companies.

Uniquely, Omniscient Digital has also developed a thought leadership program that uses interviews to create podcasts, blog posts, and other distributable content based on their client’s unique industry insights.

4. Foundation

Foundation website screenshot

Best for: Canada B2B

Headquartered in: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Industries: Software, manufacturing, B2B, and SaaS

Strengths: Focuses on client-agency relationships to create unique content strategies

Pricing: Custom pricing

Foundation focuses on all things content: strategy, creation, distribution, marketing, and SEO.

By prioritizing an end-to-end content marketing strategy, this agency analyzes brands, trends, and growth channels to determine what will inspire a customer to take action.

Foundation also believes client-agency collaboration is key to discovering the exciting, less-than-boring details of a brand that sets them apart from the crowd.

Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, Foundation determines what makes audiences tick, what customers want, and how to respond to popular customer queries.

5. Brafton

Brafton website screenshot

Best for: High volume, full-service content needs

Headquartered in: Boston, MA

Industries: Finance, technology, education, healthcare, and software

Strengths: Automated content creation and distribution that off-sets in-house resources

Pricing: Custom pricing based on company size, industry, and goals

Recognizable clients: Lasko, Routledge, Rubbermaid, and Stanford University

Brafton is a great agency choice if you’re looking to completely off-set your in-house resources with a content marketing agency.

Brafton’s content, strategy, and distribution teams work together to ensure each project encourages consumers to become long-term customers.

As a full-service agency, Brafton clients receive a variety of services including blog, eBook, and white paper writing, design creation, video production, and website and email copy.

As a content marketing agency, Brafton also creates content strategies, focuses on paid social media promotion, streamlines automation, and delivers technical SEO services.

6. Power Digital

Power Digital website screenshot

Best for: Full-service needs including social content

Headquartered in: San Diego, CA

Industries: SaaS, B2B, B2C, and private equity firms

Strengths: Digital marketing assets that speak directly to a client’s customers

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices, Casper, Honest, and Victrola.

With Nova — its own marketing analysis platform — and a variety of customer-focused services, Power Digital puts brand recognition and revenue growth at the center of its strategy.

Using Tik Tok, public relations, and influencer marketing, Power Digital builds customer confidence and client reputations through transparent branding, strategy, and collaboration for clients like Casper, Victrola, Good American, and more.

Plus, client growth opportunities are what spur this agency’s content plans and other marketing assets.

7. Optimist

Optimist website screenshot

Best for: Mid-sized SaaS

Headquartered in: Los Angeles, CA

Industries: B2B and SaaS

Strengths: Product-led content designed for an inbound acquisition strategy

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Contentstack, FairShake, Neighbor, and Submittable

Are you a product-led company looking for long-term growth through search results and promotion? Optimist is a growth-focused content marketing agency looking to partner with clients exactly like that.

Using strategic content marketing and an acquisition strategy, Optimist creates product-focused content designed to build a sustainable growth funnel for new leads, users, and sales.

This agency also combines SEO best practices with inbound marketing strategies to help build the best plan-of-action for every client.

8. Column Five

Column Five website screenshot

Best for: Design-focused content

Headquartered in: Costa Mesa, CA

Industries: B2B, growth-stage SaaS, technology, education, financial services, and consumer goods

Strengths: Visual marketing assets that set clients apart from competitors

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: 23andMe, Adobe, Harvard University, and

If design is on your mind, Column Five may just be one of the best content marketing agencies for you.

Focusing on strategic content for growth-stage SaaS companies, Column Five creates meaningful content that uses storytelling to communicate each client’s brand.

Column Five prioritizes visual design and creates design assets like infographics, motion graphics, data visualizations, presentations, social media, videos, and more.

By delivering content that is on brand, on budget, and on time, this content marketing agency helps its clients create a visual identity that spurs unity, cohesion, and consistency across platforms.

9. Green Flag Digital

Green Flag Digital website screenshot

Best for: Mid-sized digital PR

Headquartered in: San Diego, CA

Industries: SaaS, medical, real estate, and e-commerce

Strengths: Combining digital PR and data-driven content marketing services

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Bucket List Events, MindBodyGreen, and

As a leading digital PR innovator, Green Flag Digital knows how to combine public relations and data-driven content marketing services to create a strategy designed to drive traffic and links.

By focusing on relational content that is beneficial to the agency’s clients and potential customers as well as publishers, bloggers, and journalists, the content created by Green Flag Digital helps clients reach their goals with a high ROI.

Additionally, this content agency also provides technical SEO consulting to answer questions about crawling, indexing, ranking, and more.

10. Builtvisible

Builtvisible website screenshot

Best for: Content strategy

Headquartered in: London, England, United Kingdom

Industries: Travel, finance, and eCommerce

Strengths: Data-driven strategy designed to create organic results

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Book Depository, GLL, Icelandair, and Vitality

As a company built on the desire to create the best agency experience worldwide, Builtvisible takes pride in its clients, its people, and its work.

This content marketing agency also focuses much of its efforts on creating content that will reach a client’s natural organic channels while resonating with prospective clients.

Digital storytelling, data collection and analysis, and automation are also major components incorporated into the content strategies for each Builtvisible client.

Plus, resource creation and client education — including strategy, SEO, and social media guides — are available and updated, allowing this agency to offer industry-specific knowledge to a wider audience.

Choosing a Content Marketing Agency

In reality, the best content marketing agency is going to be the one that prioritizes your company’s goals, keeps clear lines of communication, and can produce results.

At Siege Media, our team of content strategists, designers, SEO specialists, front-end developers, managers, and editors have years of experience creating stellar content.

If you’re ready to partner with a team who’s going to make your needs a priority, check out our content strategy services — we just may be the best content marketing agency for you.

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