Effortlessly manage enterprise-level related linking.

We’ve built a solution to make optimal internal linking management easy and efficient.

Our tool makes managing thousands of internal links simple, mixing together data from API calls and your internal WordPress instance to create a dashboard that makes swapping links in and out of your content intelligent and instantaneous.

Move faster with data-driven decisions.

Rise identifies assets with significant internal links but no SEO importance, allowing you to instantly change those links to critical pages on the cusp of ranking.

Have other assets with established rankings and too many internal links? Intelligently swap to other assets to optimize your ranking ability in real time.

Leave once-a-year content audits in the dust.

Too many websites have hundreds of nonproductive posts taking up important internal linking bandwidth that eat away at your rankings.

Our Content Auditor feature suggests removal of content with no links and no traffic in real time. With one more recommended step to verify the data before removing, we can help your website be a well-oiled machine year in and year out.

Leverage content strategy that thinks for you.

Siege’s content marketing managers actively maintain and update Rise on a monthly basis throughout an ongoing engagement.

No need to make these changes yourself — with Rise, you can have confidence that best-in-class strategies are being actively implemented.

Frequently asked questions

What content management systems (CMS) is Rise available on?

As of now, Rise is only supported on WordPress. WordPress is our recommended CMS for all clients given overall popularity and SEO performance, although we have many clients on other platforms. If it’s of interest, we can help you migrate from other CMS installs to WordPress.

Do I have to pay separately for Rise?

All clients with a WordPress install on a monthly retainer with Siege will get free access to Rise. In the event we no longer work together in the future, Rise will be disabled from your WordPress at no harm to your current setup due to the ongoing maintenance costs of the tool.

Are there any security or maintenance concerns with using Rise?

Rise is updated monthly with new features and security advancements across our client base. We have strict development processes to ensure performance and reliability of the tool long term, so there should be no concern here.

Can Siege be successful without Rise?

Definitely. Rise puts gasoline on the fire we’ve already built or are currently kindling. Many of our best case studies were built without Rise, but we developed the tool to further accelerate our already-great results.

The results of our work.

Our content accounts for approximately $7.4M/mo in client traffic value. That's $86.9M per year.

Fresh out of the oven.