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Zapier is an expert in automation that supports businesses and people. They integrate web applications seamlessly — automating tasks to make a larger impact on their users with less inconvenience.

Industry: SaaS

Location: San Francisco, CA, U.S.

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO


Zapier came to Siege Media as a mature business with a high Domain Authority and established credibility. However, they needed a partner to expand and improve upon the content strategy they already built to beat their competitors on the SERPs.

Given their competitive SaaS industry, they also desired further differentiation from competitors. This required a partner who could provide high-quality assets while finding areas of improvement along the way.

The results

Growth summary

Given Zapier’s sound foundation of content and high authority in automation, Siege Media moved forward with a “go-big-or-go-home” attitude by immediately creating a Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) analysis that expanded their topics and helped create a content roadmap. Siege Media also focused on content that better aligned with their buyer persona and began tackling lower keyword difficulty topics with high traffic values.

During our engagement, Siege Media has created and implemented high-value revamps on 164 pieces to date. By solidifying Zapier’s comparison strategy for bottom-funnel content that included more in-depth vs. pages, Siege Media moved the needle from day one.

Additionally, Siege Media was laser-focused on how-to categories centered around specific jobs and leveled up these pieces with a focus on templates, checklists, and resources.

Since these pieces continued to position them as a credible authority in the automation SaaS industry, Siege Media helped uphold a trusting relationship between the client and their target audience.

Ultimately, Siege Media separated Zapier from the rest of the pack by leveraging high-quality design capabilities in a space where it isn’t as prevalent. This provided opportunities that demystified complicated SaaS topics and allowed an avenue for shareable content on multiple distribution channels.

Since beginning an engagement with Siege Media, Zapier has seen a $6.1 million increase in traffic value, an over 10 million increase in monthly organic traffic, and an 852% increase in traffic value. Also, there are currently 126 pieces of Siege Media-created content ranking in the Top 10 for their targeted SERPs.

The best SEO tools

The results

  • Top-ranking post for “SEO software” (4.7K SV) and “best SEO software” (2.3K)
  • 43.7K average organic monthly traffic
  • $58.1K monthly traffic value
  • 2.8K ranking keywords
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13 free email signature templates for Gmail

The results

  • Top-ranking post for “Gmail signature template” (2.2K SV)
  • 11.4K organic monthly traffic
  • $10K monthly traffic value
  • 4.2K ranking keywords
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How to use Inspect Element in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

The results

  • 8.4K organic monthly traffic
  • 2.6K ranking keywords
  • $6.4K monthly traffic value
  • 258 links
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21 free Google Sheets templates

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10 for “Google Sheets templates” (30K SV)
  • 6.9K ranking keywords
  • 5.7K monthly organic traffic
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