Links to content is great. You know what’s better? Product page links.

Many clients want to know how the links we earn drive value to the bottom funnel. And while link building is a “rising tide lifts all ships” strategy, our outreach will be even more valuable if we can have it point directly to a “money page.”

In today’s Content & Conversation, Ross and Caroline share five strategies to help build links to more valuable pages and, in turn, increase authority and traffic.

Show Notes:

  • 00:41: How to build bottom funnel links through outreach
  • 4:12: Moving links from your homepage to a relevant product page
  • 4:55: Adding citable elements to your bottom funnel pages
  • 6:24: Ideas for blending long form content with landing pages
  • 9:15: How to use internal linking in content to your benefit
  • 10:42: Can visuals, such as infographics, fit on product pages to encourage links?

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