Great link building companies are built, not bought — just like strong backlink profiles.

At Siege Media, our content creation skills may have garnered us a spot as one of the best content marketing agencies, but we also know how to bring it in the backlink industry. In fact, our team can generate more than 100 backlinks a month by consistently creating quality content.

With more than a decade of link building under our belt, we know what it takes to score powerful backlinks from sites with a high Domain Rating (DR).

However, we know not all link building is passive, and our strategy may not be the best for your business. If that’s the case, we’re fairly certain we can point you toward another of the best link building services around.

  1. Siege Media – Best Overall
  2. BlueTree – Best for SaaS
  3. Green Flag Digital – Best for Digital PR
  4. Sure Oak – Best for Insurance
  5. Page One Power – Best for Advertising
  6. uSERP – Best for Information Technology
  7. FATJOE – Best for Retail
  8. The HOTH – Best for B2B
  9. Neil Patel – Best for B2C

1. Siege Media

Siege Media homepage.

Location: 100% remote with hubs in San Diego, Austin and New York City

Industries: Fintech, e-commerce, and SaaS

Recognizable clients: AAA, Casper, and Zillow

Pricing: Custom pricing

While we have a stellar manual link building team working behind the scenes to secure high-quality links for our clients, we also designed a tried-and-true passive acquisition process built to deliver beyond the scope of digital PR.

After analyzing the cost per link of 500+ posts, we found that organic link building can actually increase a post’s link growth. And we saw this happen over, and over, and over.

We know manual acquisition works for many clients, but our new and improved process guarantees that every piece of content we make means to gain valuable links from high DR sites — without the hours dedicated to outreach.

Don’t believe the hype? Let our work do the talking. By creating new, exciting, and keyword-focused content in a recycle and repeat industry, our team was able to earn more than 1,580 links to the resource section of The Zebra’s blog.

So yes, we’re putting ourselves first on this list for our unconventional yet incredibly successful link building services.

2. BlueTree

Screenshot of BlueTree's homepage

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Industries: SaaS and technology

Recognizable clients: CreditDonkey, FreshBooks, and Dooly


  • Basic: $2,500 per month
  • Startup: $4,500 per month
  • Enterprise: $6,500 per month

Digital PR is the bread and butter of BlueTree. Working primarily with SaaS and tech companies, BlueTree uses an editorial approach to help brands scale in both short- and long-term ways.

By maintaining strong relationships with more than 300 tech-focused publications, BlueTree clients can land backlinks from high-quality, valuable site pages, which can help grow brand awareness and organic monthly traffic.

BlueTree’s team pitches and creates topically-relevant content for these publications where links to clients, services, and products are naturally and seamlessly integrated into first-class, long-form copy. BlueTree’s goal is to ensure clients reach their target links in a hands-off environment.

3. Green Flag Digital

A screenshot of Green Flag Digital's homepage

Location: San Diego, CA

Industries: SaaS, medical, real estate, and e-commerce

Recognizable clients: Bucket List Events, MindBodyGreen, and

Pricing: Custom pricing between $3,000 and $5,000 per campaign

While Green Flag Digital’s link building services are smaller than some, its strategies are designed with two things in mind: trust and community.

Creating helpful content is essential to link acquisition, but Green Flag Digital pushes the bonnet by guaranteeing that its content is helpful and trustworthy for each target audience. Instead of treating its readers as consumers, it recognizes them as neighbors.

These services also focus specifically on link acquisition for resource pages — a significant space built around evergreen links and industry-specific content. Plus, Green Flag Digital’s 10-step process prioritizes audience and industry research, keyword matching, and topic selection well before beginning the link building process.

4. Sure Oak

Screenshot of the Sure Oak homepage

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Industries: B2b, SaaS, fintech, education, insurance, e-commerce, and health care

Recognizable clients: SideChef, United Van Lines, and American Red Cross


  • Starter: $2,000 per month
  • Standard: $3,250 per month
  • Professional: $5,000 per month
  • Premium: $7,500 per month
  • Enterprise: $10,000 per month

In the world of manual link acquisition, value exchanges are crucial. But what does that mean? When it comes to Sure Oak, this means the company provides prospective link partners with an equally valuable resource to the one their promoting — increasing the chances that your links land a new home on a quality site.

Additionally, Sure Oak offers a variety of link building services for specific needs, including:

  • Editorial link insertions
  • EDU or scholarship link building
  • Backlink auditing
  • Toxic link management
  • Link analysis
  • Resource page link building
  • Network links
  • Link reclamation
  • Digital PR
  • White label linking

Just like one size doesn’t usually fit all, one link building strategy doesn’t fit every type of interested client. With Sure Oak, you can find the right strategy for your business and goals.

5. Page One Power

Screenshot of the Page One Power homepage

Location: Boise, ID

Industries: Advertising and B2C

Recognizable clients: Intuit QuickBooks, Hyatt, and Lucidchart

Pricing: Custom pricing

With more than 12 years of experience in the link building industry, Page One Power is dedicated to sourcing the best links for its clients. From custom campaigns to enterprise projects, this link building service offers plenty of flexibility.

This company’s SEO auditing services also provide its clients with an in-depth look into their on- and off-page SEO performance. This gives them essential insights into a site’s assets and areas where links can help them reach a substantial ROI.

Additionally, Page One Power’s white label services help its customer’s clients build backlinks — so agency partners can achieve the same link standards as a custom link campaign. Plus, Page One Power can create on-site linkable content for clients before beginning link acquisition.

5. uSERP

A screenshot of uSERP's homepage

Location: Denver, CO

Industries: Information technology and services

Recognizable clients:,, and Mailshake


  • Startup: $10,000 per month
  • Scaling: $15,000 per month
  • Authority: $20,000 per month+

As a full-service link building agency, uSERP uses a white hat outreach approach to build a client’s backlink profile.

uSERP claims its quality over quantity approach is the faster, more affordable way to outrank competitors with results driven by content gap analyses, URL analyses, and link reclamation for brand mentions.

This link building service has a reputation for working with small and large brands — including Hotjar and Plus, uSERP’s guest posting service can help clients make and maintain relationships with higher DR sites and well-known brands.



Screenshot of the FATJOE homepage

Location: Cannock, UK

Industries: Retail, manufacturing, technology, and advertising

Recognizable clients: Benmartin, Agaia, and Adzooma

Pricing: Custom pricing by service

  • Blogger outreach: £60-£320
  • Niche edits: £60-£320
  • HARO link building: £1,000-£2,250
  • Infographic outreach: £60-£320
  • Content syndication: £75

Genuine outreach matched by on-demand link building services is what clients receive when they partner with FATJOE. This UK-based agency only uses white label methods to curate natural, in-content links.

FATJOE also specializes in content syndication by taking pre-created content and distributing it to news outlets, media journals, and other high-quality sites. While frequently creating new, promotable content for clients, FATJOE can also syndicate URLs that already exist.

Additionally, clients can view every link FATJOE secures in real time from their online dashboard, and they can create personalized DR and link goals based on the results they hope to achieve.

8. The HOTH

Screenshot of the The HOTH homepage

Location: St Petersburg, FL

Industries: B2B, B2C, insurance, tourism, healthcare, and e-commerce

Recognizable clients: Safeguard Pest Control, The Dillon Ross Group, and

Pricing: Custom pricing

The HOTH — a one-of-a-kind acronym standing for “hittem over the head” — offers unique link building solutions for clients in various industries.

Specializing in everything from local link acquisition to content distribution, The HOTH helps clients gain target traffic from natural links. Its branded services also help increase client brand awareness while building links from strong social media profiles.

Are your primary pages ranking well but your secondary pages could use some love? No worries — The HOTH has developed a backlink building method specifically for secondary properties like YouTube videos and Facebook pages.

9. Neil Patel

Screenshot of the Neil Patel homepage

Location: San Diego, CA

Industries: B2B, B2C, SaaS, and enterprises

Recognizable clients: Amazon, Google, and NBC

Pricing: Custom pricing

Neil Patel focuses on gaining natural links to linkable content, a process also known as linkable content marketing. By auditing client sites and optimizing or creating new, quality content, Neil Patel gained more than 4 million backlinks to its own blog.

This link building service learned the ins and outs of building backlink profiles via trial and error on its site. Now, customers looking for similar results can use its tried-and-tested holistic marketing program.

Neil Patel’s program also focuses on promotion so a client’s unique content is consistently viewed by high DR sites in search of strong linking opportunities.

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At Siege Media, our team of 95+ content marketing professionals is ready to make your backlink goals a reality. By partnering your link building efforts with powerful link building services, you can scale your efforts to reach significant and consistent results.

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