Brodie Clark joins us on Content & Conversation.

With experience offering advanced SEO strategies for several global brands and starting his own SEO consulting firm, Brodie Clark knows a thing or two about international SEO.

As a lauded global SEO expert based out of Melbourne, Australia, Clark contributes to three of the largest and most well-respected SEO blogs: Moz, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal.

With this experience and several SEO awards under his belt, Clark brings an important global view to his conversation with Siege Media CEO Ross Hudges.

In this podcast, Brodie sits down with Ross to give insight into global SEO strategies and moving into competitive global spaces.

Discussions include link building strategies, how existing equity can transfer to international markets, and the importance of a .com domain if you’re expanding into the U.S.

Show Notes:

  • 00:10: Welcome, Brodie Clark, Melbourne-based SEO consultant
  • 1:42: Brodie’s best strategies for expanding SEO Internationally
  • 3:54: How much does existing equity “transfer” to international markets using hreflang (ex. /us/)?
  • 5:37: Why automatic redirection isn’t a good idea
  • 7:30: Expanding domains is a long-term game, link signals
  • 9:54: Advice for sites that aren’t well-established
  • 11:50: Is a link building strategy necessary?
  • 17:05: The highest value links globally
  • 20:27: What was the effect on Google Penguin in Australia?
  • 26:00: Brodie’s SEO consulting playbook
  • 33:45: Are audits necessary? Why choosing the right client matters
  • 41:56: Tips for new SEO consultants

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