Chip Malt joins us on Content & Conversation.

Chip Malt, the co-founder and CEO of Made In — a direct-to-consumer kitchen brand — joins Ross to talk about his company’s all-in content strategy and how it evolved in a short amount of time.

After coming from the apparel industry, Chip saw an opportunity in “low-education” categories — especially in the cooking and cookware space. People constantly ask Google to help with basic questions, like “What makes a pan good,” and “What size pans do I need?”

Targeting potential customers with entry-level queries in conjunction with upholding the highest standards and quality in cookware, Chip and his team set up Made In for success in the DTC kitchenware industry immediately.

Ross and Chip then talk about how to A/B test content design regarding e-commerce, the value of original, high-quality content, and setting goals that benefit both sales and your creative team.

Show Notes:

  • 00:08: Welcome, Chip Malt, CEO of Made In
  • 00:35: The details of Made In’s content strategy
  • 4:33: How do you quantify the worth of your assets?
  • 7:10: Why Chip pursued education and research first
  • 7:50: How long did it take to feel traction from your SEO investment?
  • 13:48: Made In’s content and A/B tests
  • 10:02: The evolution of Made In’s blog design
  • 19:05: How to incorporate shopping experiences into content
  • 22:00: Using email for content distribution
  • 25:05: How Made In used original photography to their advantage
  • 27:22: Does AI have a place in Made In’s content development?
  • 30:19: What’s next for Made In?
  • 31:40: The structure of Made In’s content team
  • 34:44: How Made In sets goals
  • 38:15: Chip’s cooking tips

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