David Palombo joins us on Content & Conversation.

Launch That embodies its name to the fullest — launching several high-performing brands since its inception in 2007.

David was quite prepared for this success with roots in the SEO and content marketing space for over a decade.

Using the chemistry of his well-rounded team, Launch That prides itself on the importance of legitimate expertise and the push for the best-quality content on the SERP.

In today’s episode, David and Siege CEO Ross Hudgens break down how to get the most out of E-A-T best practices and how it has contributed to Launch That’s exponential growth.


Show Notes:

  • 00:12: Welcome, David Palombo, President and COO of Launch That. Brands include: Asbestos.com, Retireguide.com, Drugwatch.com, Annuity.org, Consumernotice.org
  • 1:39: Launch That’s content creation process with E-A-T in mind
  • 5:53: Balancing high-quality content and scale for content creators
  • 8:09: How to separate ownership, performance across team members
  • 9:10: Procuring experts for content review
  • 14:26: How to motivate link builders
  • 17:52: The difficulty of generating links, shift towards passive links
  • 18:27: The biggest motivators for content creators
  • 20:53: Annuity.org’ link-building element, “Cite Us” and its benefits
  • 23:14: Why authority is key for passive links
  • 24:55: How Launch That uses feedback CTAs
  • 30:07: What lift or data does “Cited Research Articles” show?
  • 32:35: Breakdown of David’s team, what “lateral roles” means
  • 36:09: The ideal process for writers
  • 38:31: What is Launch That excited about?

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