What does it mean to have an “eye for design?”

Can you train that or is it gut instinct? For many content marketers, you’re collaborating with a creative (either a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator or more). Knowing the appropriate lingo and giving design feedback is critical to ensure a smooth project.

This week Caroline is joined by Creative Director Leslie Leck and Associate Creative Director Eric Pavik to discuss how we encourage collaboration between our content marketing and content creation departments.

Show Notes:

  • 00:28: Training content marketers to communicate with creatives
  • 1:45: Creating a Pinterest board to assemble inspiration
  • 2:29: Training designers to communicate with marketers
  • 4:05: How much time to give a designer to understand the content?
  • 5:16: Ideal method of giving designer direction
  • 6:51: Is there such thing as too much design direction?
  • 7:38: How to feel comfortable giving creative feedback as a non-creative
  • 10:15: How to build an “eye for design”

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