Eli Schwartz joins us on this episode of Content & Conversation.

Since appearing on Content & Conversation three years ago, Eli has kept busy. After leaving Survey Monkey as Director of Growth in 2019, Eli advised for top brands like WordPress, Gusto, and Coinbase, all while writing his first book — Product-Led SEO .

In this episode, Eli and Ross discuss why SEO isn’t often the answer for startups. With many venture capital companies cutting back on budgets, Eli breaks down what startups should focus on instead and how devising your own strategy will ultimately get you to the other side.

Show Notes:

  • 00:40: Welcome, Eli Schwartz, Growth Advisor and author of Product-Led SEO
  • 1:42: How startups should think about SEO in a volatile environment
  • 3:31: Why startups should not do SEO
  • 7:17: Creating SEO ROI models for startups
  • 12:56: Why links aren’t the end-all be-all
  • 20:27: Learn from Eli’s SEO advisory toolset
  • 27:52: When and when not to implement SEO strategy
  • 30:22: Why differentiation in strategy is important
  • 42:24: How to use traffic as a metric
  • 44:32: Comparing SEO strategies: Amazon vs. Walmart
  • 54:00: How to survey users from a search standpoint
  • 58:01: Eli’s final tips, tactics, and recommendations

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