Jonathan Newar joins us on Content & Conversation.

As a lover of all kinds of experiences, Jonathan Newar is constantly asking himself how he can push the envelope and create experiences for others. That’s where his company, Captain Experiences, comes in — a resource that allows its users to plan and book life experiences.

But what does this have to do with content marketing and SEO?

Early in Captain Experience’s lifecycle, Jonathan knew that being visible was key to the success of his company. That’s why he dedicated significant learning and development time to understand how to write in his company’s voice, avoid keyword stuffing, and optimize every article to see quick results on SERPs — reaching 100k visits per month.

In today’s episode of Content & Conversation, Jonathan sits down with Ross to discuss how guide pages and a thorough FAQ led to the success of the company — and how a dedication to SEO and content may look to potential investors. They also discuss how to structure a marketing team, the future of Captain Experiences, and expanding into new markets.

Show Notes:

  • 00:08: Welcome, Jonathan Newar, CEO of Captain Experiences
  • 2:08: What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?
  • 3:48: SEO’s role in the initial stages of Captain Experiences
  • 10:13: How Captain Experiences thinks through “Guide” pages
  • 12:50: How to present a growth story to investors with SEO
  • 16:32: Captain Experience’s marketing and SEO team structure
  • 20:30: The biggest SEO KPIs for Captain Experiences
  • 21:28: The difference between long-term SEO and PPC
  • 23:43: How Captain Experiences plans to expand their markets
  • 26:30: Jonathan’s insights on growth and SEO

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