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82 E-commerce Statistics To Set You Up For Success in 2024

Author Jacob Wisda

E-commerce has changed the face of our global economy — but you already knew that. By the end of 2021, online purchases accounted for 20% of global retail sales. Across verticals, e-commerce statistics prove digital markets reach the widest audience. As a result, companies moving to an online-first model stand to gain the highest ROI.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we've compiled a list of the top e-commerce statistics. These trends will shape actionable strategies for increasing web traffic and conversions.

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Worldwide Statistics

As of 2022, there are 2.14 billion global digital shoppers, over a quarter of the world’s population.

eMarketer Three dollar signs on a globe

E-commerce accounted for 20% of global retail sales in 2021.


Worldwide, over 75% of shoppers purchase something online once a month.


There are between 12 and 24 million e-commerce storefronts.


China, the U.S., and the U.K. are the top 3 e-commerce markets.

eMarketer China US and UK flags

If e-commerce growth rates continue on their projected course, 95% of purchases will occur online by 2040.


93.5% of internet users worldwide buy products online.


Conversions from Asia account for 51% of all online sales.

digitalintheround A globe turned to display Asia front and center

E-commerce will make up 25% of global retail sales by 2025.


65% of e-commerce customers prefer product information in their own language, even if it's poor quality.

CSA Research

67% of online shoppers have made a cross-border purchase.

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Growth Statistics

Growth projections estimate that e-commerce's annual revenue will hit 7.4 trillion in 2025.


E-commerce sales will likely generate over 5.4 trillion dollars of revenue in 2022.

eMarketer A stack of dollar bills

The Philippines, India, and Indonesia have seen the greatest e-commerce sales growth in 2022.


In 2021, total e-commerce sales grew by 16.8%.

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The number of e-commerce shoppers grew by 800 million between 2014 and 2021.


41% of brands plan to increase their paid search budget in 2022.

Shopify Magnifying glass over a dollar sign

In 2022, all US e-commerce sectors will grow by an average of 14.1%.



Platform Statistics

27% of American small businesses don’t have a website.

Top Design Firms Picture of a storefront with a sign in front reading:

48% of online shoppers buy directly from large online marketplaces like Amazon.


52% of online stores offer omnichannel communication.

Google Outline of a person surrounded by nodes

Amazon accounts for 56.7% of all online retail sales in the U.S.


Amazon receives over 3.1 billion monthly visitors or an average of 68,500 visitors a minute.

Semrush picture of a stopwatch.

18% of B2B buyers start their online search on Amazon Business.



Sales Statistics

81% of customers research a product online before buying it.

General Electric

81% of customers trust their friends and family over businesses.

HubSpot Two people facing each other and talking with speech bubbles above them

On average, 2.17% of store page visits convert into a purchase.


Customers abandon 77.5% of online shopping carts.

Kibo Shopping cart with an X over it

High additional fees are the main reason shoppers abandon their carts.

Baymard Institute

Online fashion shoppers visit an average of 32 pages before making a purchase.


43% of shoppers care more about in-stock availability and fast delivery when considering a purchase.


3D models on product pages boost conversion rates by 250%.

Shopify A cube on a product page

3 out of 4 repeat purchases are made online.


Disposable gloves and bread machines were the fastest growing e-commerce niches during lockdown.


Online retailers sell twice as much music, books, movies, and video games as in-store retailers.


Clothing is the most popular e-commerce vertical.

Statista A dress shirt

38.4% of online shoppers in the US are under 35. Only 14.4% of shoppers are over 65.


Omnichannel shoppers generate 27% of e-commerce sales while only representing 7% of buyers.


Websites that don't calculate total order cost upfront are 16% more likely to lose a sale.

Baymard Institute

Clothing items have the highest cart abandonment rate at 40%.


Shoppers buy 69% of books, music, and videos online.

eMarketer An open book

Optimized checkout design can lead to a 35% increase in conversions.

Baymard Institute

E-commerce pages have an average bounce rate of 54.54%

Siege Media


Fulfillment Statistics

30% of customers who have a bad experience with a brand will not return to it, and three bad experiences will lose 70% of customers.

McKinsey and Company

Customers trust businesses that are easier to contact (i.e., foster customer relationships and make customer service easily available).

KPMG An open envelope with a text bubble inside

53% of online customers list free delivery as the top reason to buy online.


The average e-commerce customer expects to receive their order in 14 days or less.

BigCommerce Sept 14 checked off on a calendar

Live chat is the most popular customer support option, with 41% of shoppers preferring it.


38% of e-commerce shoppers say they're more likely to buy from a company with live chat support.

Kayako Two chat bubbles in a text chat

24% of online shopping carts require account creation by online storefronts.

Baymard Institute

Online shoppers return 30% of all products ordered through e-commerce sales.


Receiving the wrong item is the most common reason for online returns at 23%.


58% of customers want a "no questions asked" return policy.

Invesp A receipt on top of a present


B2B Statistics

In 2021, B2B e-commerce sales increased by 17.8% to $1.63 trillion.

Digital Commerce 360

65% of all B2B companies offer e-commerce transactions for their services.

McKinsey and Company A laptop screen

90% of B2B customers would turn to a competitor if their supplier's digital channel couldn't meet their needs.


Projections estimate the B2B e-commerce market will generate $18.57 trillion in revenue in 2026.

Facts and Factors A dollar sign on a stack of boxes

In 2021, B2B e-commerce grew 1.17 times faster than all U.S. distributor and manufacturing sales.

Digital Commerce 360

50% of companies say blogging is their preferred B2B marketing strategy.

Finances Online Picture of a webpage displaying a blog

39% of online B2B shoppers want self-service options.

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Mobile Statistics

44.2% of e-commerce sales occur through a mobile device


33.6% shoppers look up price comparisons on their phone when shopping in a physical store.

PYMNTS Picture of a store product page on a smartphone screen.

Users with poor mobile website experiences are 62% less likely to return to that business.


Waiting up to ten seconds for a mobile page to load increases the bounce rate by 123%.

Google An hourglass

67% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices.


45% of e-commerce purchases withdraw from mobile wallets.

Worldpay A wallet

Conversion rates are three times higher on mobile apps than on mobile web pages.



Email Marketing Statistics

The open rate on abandoned cart emails is 43%.

Barilliance An envelope in a shopping cart

Pop-ups asking for an email address have a 5.8% conversion rate on mobile devices and a 3.31% conversion rate on desktop.


Email popups with two input fields perform the best with a 3.31% conversion rate.

drip An email popup box with two prominent blank fields.

Email popups in e-commerce have an average conversion rate of 4.76%.


61% of online shoppers prefer to contact vendors through email.

Smart Insights

Email marketing yields a 4,400% ROI, or $44 earned through e-commerce for every $1 spent.


Email campaigns draw in 20% of a site's traffic during e-commerce sales.

Wolfgang Digital An open envelope with a 20% printed inside.

60% of online shoppers purchased an item due to a marketing email.



Social Media Statistics

91% of executives plan to increase their social media budget by as much as 50% in the next three years.

Social Sprout A piece of paper with a bar graph and dollar sign on it

36% of e-commerce customers in the U.S. make purchases through social networks.


Online retailers with a social media presence have 32% more sales.

BigCommerce A mouse connected to a heart icon

55.5% of social network users in the U.S. between 18 and 24 make online purchases through social media.


71% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase that's referred to them through social media.

HubSpot Different social media reaction icons

U.S. social media e-commerce sales are expected to exceed 45 billion dollars in 2022.


The number of social commerce sales will triple between 2020 and 2025.

Research and Markets


Improving Your E-commerce Marketing Strategy

In the mid '90s, Amazon and eBay broke new ground in online shopping. These digital marketplaces caused a paradigm shift, changing how consumers bought goods and services. In the 2020s, these platforms work alongside mobile devices, social media, promotional blogs, e-commerce marketing strategies, and a wider ecosystem of online sellers.

82 e-commerce statistics later, it's clear another paradigm shift is coming. So, it's best to stay ahead of the game.

While this data highlights sales patterns and preferred features, following trends will only get you so far. Ultimately, e-commerce content marketing will determine a company's success. In the digital-first market, you can't separate presentation from service.

With that in mind, we recommend these e-commerce marketing strategies:

  • Measure the performance of your content marketing with our free ROI calculator.
  • Study your target demographic to reach the right audience.
  • Follow SEO best practices to boost web conversions.
  • Advertise your services with optimized web copy and promotional content.

Incorporating e-commerce marketing into a business model takes time and expertise. Our SiegeLearn courses include over 40 lessons and 20 videos to get you up to speed.

Additionally, companies looking to make the most of Siege's 10 years of experience can look into our content marketing services.

Online shoppers have made their favorite products and features clear. Now, businesses have to present those services in a format customers love. We'll see you on the other side of this bold, new digital marketplace.

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