Majority of link building is done on a long time frame, but some businesses may need immediate wins.

In those cases, what should you do?

On today’s Content & Conversation Ross and Caroline chat through when a business may need to focus on short term links, what content formats fit that framework and outcomes you can expect.

Show Notes:

  • 00:30: When does prioritizing immediate links make sense?
  • 2:46: Content formats that get results in a short time frame
  • 3:56: Risks involved with short term link building content
  • 5:46: Link outcomes and expectations in a 6 month strategy
  • 9:00: What businesses can focus on a longer, 1+ year timeline?
  • 10:30: Content formats better suited for a long term strategy
  • 12:15: Link outcomes and expectations for a 1+ year timeline

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