There are a lot of Director level positions in SEO, but not a lot of people to fill them. Why is that? Eli Schwartz, growth advisor and former lead SEO at SurveyMonkey, has a theory.

In this episode on the state of SEO careers, Eli and I discuss where things are today, especially in regards to do Director/VP level positions.

We talk about the dip people go through, and why many people don’t make it through that dip as an SEO. We also discuss how people value zero click searches, where your focus should go in your career, and a whole lot more.

Show Agenda & Timestamps:

  • 0:45: What did you find in your analysis of SEO job outlook?
  • 11:25: How should someone best structure their SEO career if starting from years 1-3?
  • 14:40: How much does location impact your career path as an SEO?
  • 19:05: Does someone have to live in a big tech hub in order to grow their career aggressively?
  • 21:00: What do you see is a common attribute of people who are SEO Managers but can’t get to the next level?
  • 24:20: What does the optimal SEO career structure/timeline look like?
  • 32:10: What skills are hiring managers looking for in a VP/Director level SEO position?
  • 35:20: What’s something someone can do today to move their career forward?

Show Notes:

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