The only constant in the SEO industry is that there are no constants.

Search engine algorithms are always changing, creating newfound visibility for some sites while sometimes sending others to the depths of search results pages.

In competitive industries, a jump in the rankings can be pivotal — oftentimes resulting in new business or leads for a company.

In 2023, 38% of businesses reported their industry to be very competitive, while 19% claimed their industry to be hyper-competitive. In the verticals where competition is highest, it’s critical to have an experienced SEO keeping a pulse on your organic presence.

Luckily, the SEO community is filled with expert enterprise consultants who dedicate their careers to following search engine trends and creating effective strategies to grow their clients’ organic traffic.

From seasoned SEO veterans to up-and-coming industry experts, check out our list of the top SEO consultants to keep an eye on (and potentially hire) for your content strategy today.

What Makes Enterprise Consultants Different?

Effecting change is far from simple when consulting at the enterprise level. Not only do you have to yield solid results to maintain stakeholders’ trust, but you have to drive them while navigating corporate politics. The best enterprise SEO consultants differentiate themselves by:

  • Creating Scalable Strategies: Creating a scalable strategy is a major key to success at the enterprise level. By creating a scalable and repeatable strategy, you can seamlessly navigate through the different obstacles of enterprise firms.
  • Getting C-Suite Approval: Figuring out how to get executive buy-in is critical to growth at large corporations. Enterprise consultants are able to break down the impact of their work to executives at the highest level.
  • Accounting for PR: SEOs have to account for PR when working at the enterprise level. Take CNET, for example, a tech website that was recently in the news when they were caught publishing AI-generated content that was plagiarized. While a small business could quietly unpublish this content, or maybe get away with it entirely, CNET faced a public relations nightmare as a result.

To avoid these kinds of issues, enterprise companies have lots of systems and checkpoints in place. While these are great for preventing disasters, they often can provide difficulties for SEO consultants. The best enterprise consultants can affect change while simultaneously navigating and balancing corporate politics.

These 20 experts are the best of the best when it comes to finding success at the enterprise level:

  1. Tom Critchlow: Executive Strategy
  2. Kevin Indig: SEO Strategy
  3. Michael King: Enterprise Strategy
  4. Aleyda Solîs: International
  5. Areej AbuAli: Retail, Health, and Travel
  6. Andrew Shotland: Local SEO
  7. Kelsey Jones: Content Strategy
  8. Sam Underwood: E-commerce
  9. Lily Ray: SEO Strategy
  10. Eli Schwartz: Growth Advising
  11. Brodie Clark: Global SEO
  12. Ben Goodsell: Automation
  13. AJ Kohn: Product Strategy
  14. Gaetano DiNardi: Startup SEO
  15. John-Henry Scherck: SaaS SEO
  16. Kristan Bauer: SEO Strategy
  17. Mike Yon: SEO Strategy
  18. Louis Smith: Shopify & E-commerce SEO
  19. Nick LeRoy: SEO Strategy
  20. Tom Dehnel: San Francisco

Consulting at the enterprise level is no easy task, and it can take years of experience to gain notoriety as one of the top enterprise-level SEO consultants. In no particular order, here are our picks for the best enterprise SEO consultants today.

1. Tom Critchlow

A screenshot of Tom Crithlow's LinkedIn page

Bio: A former employee of Google, Tom Critchlow is now a freelance SEO consultant based out of New York. Tom led SEO and Marketing efforts at a number of agencies and organizations prior to going freelance.

With a belief that SEO is inherently consultative, Tom Critchlow launched the SEO MBA course, geared towards equipping SEO professionals with the business knowledge necessary to affect decision-making at their organization.

With over a decade of experience, Tom consults on more than SEO — he helps executives apply SEO strategies to larger business initiatives, allowing high-level SEO move the needle on initiatives. He’s worked with major brands like The New York Times, Google, Seatgeek, and more.

Specialties: SEO, leadership skills, narrative strategy, digital media, content marketing, product marketing

Featured On: Siege Media, Inbounder World Tour, MozCon

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn

Check out our conversation with Tom about what good SEO consulting looks like and why it’s necessary to move the needle.

2. Kevin Indig

A screenshot of Kevin Indig's LinkedIn page

Bio: With experience working and consulting for large organizations including Shopify, Eventbrite, Jira, Trello, and Pinterest, Kevin Indig is one of the most well-known voices in the SEO community. A speaker, newsletter writer, angel investor, and SEO thought leader, Kevin’s ability to build organic growth machines is second to none.

Kevin’s consultancy style is rooted in creating organic growth engines that mesh SEO, CRO, content strategy, and lifecycle marketing. Most recently, Kevin advised growth teams at Nextdoor, Snap inc, Feedly, and more.

Specialties: SEO, data analytics, paid search, social media, UX, and copywriting

Featured On: Search Engine Journal, Ahrefs, LevelingUp, MozPod, Exposure Ninja, Growth Marketing Today

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn

Learn more about Kevin’s success with startup content marketing.

3. Michael King

A screenshot of MIchael King's LinkedIn page

Bio: The founder of the digital marketing agency iPullRank and the 2020 winner of Search Marketing Land’s Marketer of the Year Award, Michael King has consulted with some of the largest brands in the world — including American Express, General Mills, and SAP.

As a consultant, agency founder, and rapper, Michael knows what it takes to build a brand. He created marketing campaigns designed to grow large businesses while simultaneously building his own brand as a musician and thought leader.

Michael prides himself on his ability to affect change at the enterprise level. Understanding that enterprise SEO involves managing thousands of pages and various subdomains, Michael creates solutions tailored for large corporations.

Specialties: SEO, growth marketing, audience research, content strategy, and entrepreneurship

Featured On: SMX, Brighton SEO, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn

Check out our interview with Michael on modern enterprise SEO.

4. Aleyda Solís

A screenshot of Aleyda Solís' LinkedIn page

Bio: Aleyda Solís is an award-winning author, blogger, speaker, systems engineer, teacher, and SEO consultant. With 15 years of international SEO experience, Aleyda has spoken at 100+ events across 20+ countries — in both English and Spanish.

She is the founder of a boutique international SEO consultancy Orainti and shares actionable SEO tips in her weekly YouTube video series “Crawling Mondays.”

Whether it’s an audit of a large site, a major site migration, or an internal training session, Aleyda’s enterprise consulting services are designed to work for the needs of an organization. Having consulted for major brands like Krisp, Turo, and Trade Republic, Aleyda’s seen success at every level from startup to enterprise.

Specialties: SEO, e-commerce, analytics, social media, reputation management, inbound marketing, Google Webmaster Tools, web development, web design, public speaking

Featured On: Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Moz, Think Traffic Tank, SEOFOMO,

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Check out our Content & Conversation episode on scalable e-commerce content SEO with Aleyda.

5. Areej AbuAli

A screenshot of Areej AbuAli's LinkedIn page

Bio: Areej AbuAli is an SEO Consultant, founder of the SEO Consultancy Crawlina, and creator of Women in Tech. Based out of London, Areej is an international industry speaker and has appeared at some of the world’s largest digital conferences, including SMX, BrightonSEO, MozCon, and LondonSEO.

With particular expertise in the property, fashion, health, and travel industries, Areej is skilled in building SEO roadmaps for enterprise clients and then seeing them yield major results. Areej is additionally skilled in training in-house marketing teams on complex SEO concepts.

Specialties: Technical SEO, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, content strategy

Featured On: Women in Tech SEO, Moz, Crawlina

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

6. Andrew Shotland

A screenshot of Andrew Shotland's LinkedIn page

Bio: Award-winning local SEO expert Andrew Shotland spent the past 15 years helping businesses of all sizes master their technical and local SEO strategies.

After his role as GM of, Andrew started the former search engine start-up, InsiderPages, became an advisor to multiple startups, and cofound the SEO professional association Today, he is CEO of his second local search consultancy,, where he and his team provide businesses with technical and local SEO support.

Enterprise companies need local SEO too, and that’s where Andrew and his team come in. Having consulted for major brands such as Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango, Walmart, and The Onion, Andrew’s success has come from analyzing local markets to build scalable roadmaps for enterprise companies.

Specialties: Technical SEO, local SEO, LocalU Education, SEM, backlink strategy, site auditing, Wikipedia consultation, online reputation management, social media, retargeting, web development, user aquisition, analytics, e-commerce, mobile optimization

Featured On: Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Crunchbased, Adweek, Voice of Search, Brightlocal

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

7. Kelsey Jones

A screenshot of Kelsey Jone's LinkedIn page

Bio: Kelsey Jones is a writer, podcaster, journalist, speaker, teacher, digital marketer, and owner of SixStories, a Kansas City-based digital marketing consultancy.

She has a background in journalism and was the former executive editor at Search Engine Journal. She has hosted several video interview series such as ThinkTank webinars, Pubcon interviews, and also served as a US Search Awards judge for three years.

Kelsey’s enterprise consultancy skills are rooted in content strategy. Having helped major clients like Moz, Salesforce, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Kelsey helps clients audit their existing content and create a scalable strategy that can easily be repeated.

Specialties: SEO, content strategy, social media, journalism, editing, B2B, and B2C

Featured On: Search Engine Journal, Digital Marketing Institute, Columbia Business School — Emeritus

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Learn about how content audits can double traffic in our chat with Kelsey on our Content & Conversation podcast.

8. Sam Underwood

A screenshot of Sam Underwood's LinkedIn page

Bio: Sam Underwood is an international SEO consultant and author with in-house, agency, and freelance experience. His site, SEO Toolbelt, provides marketers with a breakdown of all the most relevant SEO tools in the industry. His goal is to help businesses grow organic revenue with strategic tactics.

Sam does it all — and specializes in e-commerce. Whether it’s answering general SEO questions from an in-house marketing team or building link-worthy content from the ground up, Sam provides SEO services tailored to different organizational needs.

Specialties: E-commerce, technical SEO, JavaScript, content strategy, backlink strategy, data reporting

Featured On: Search Engine Watch, Semrush, AHRefs

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

9. Lily Ray

A screenshot of Lily Ray's LinkedIn page

Bio: Known for more than her digital marketing prowess, Lily Ray is an NYC-based creative and SEO consultant known for her technical background and creativity.

Her performance-driven mindset and strategic style led her to be named the Number One most influential SEO expert in 2022 by USA Today, as well as an award-winning SEO department at Amsive Digital as senior director of SEO and head of organic research.

By staying abreast of any developments in the SEO world, Lily creates massive success for her clients and ensures their performance never falters. Through a combination of technical SEO and creative content strategy, Lily ensures growth for whomever she partners with.

Specialties: Technical SEO, organic research, backlink strategy, analytics, B2B, CPG, retail, e-commerce, SEO auditing

Featured On: Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, MarTech, RankRanger

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Learn everything you need to know about E-E-A-T in our episode with Lily.

10. Eli Schwartz

A screenshot of Eli Schwartz's LinkedIn page

Bio: Eli Schwartz is a writer, advisor, investor, and SEO consultant with more than a decade of industry and agency leadership experience. His focus on driving successful SEO growth helped inspire his book, Product-Led SEO, and allowed him to support clients in achieving long-term, scalable SEO growth, and increased organic visibility.

Having advised large B2B and B2C brands, Eli has driven significant growth for organizations like WordPress, Shutterstock, Quora, Tinder, and Coinbase. While at Survey Monkey, Eli built organic visibility from nothing to one of the company’s largest growth drivers.

Specialties: SEO, B2B, B2C, global SEO

Featured On: Search Engine Journal, HubSpot, Combinator, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Moz, Search Engine Land, Nasdaq, U.S. News

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Listen to Eli discuss SEO strategy for startups on our podcast, Content & Conversation.

11. Brodie Clark

A screenshot of Brodie Clark's LinkedIn page

Bio: Brodie Clark is an award-winning speaker, consultant, and global SEO expert based out of Melbourne.

He was named the Young Search Professional of the Year for 2019, was a top SEO expert in 2021, and was a Search Awards judge for 2022. He is also well known for providing globally-focused expertise to some of the most-respected resources in the industry, including Moz, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal.

Known for working with well-known, mid- to large-sized brands, Brodie has helped more than 100+ clients locally and internationally. With expertise in all facets of SEO, Brodie tailors his enterprise consulting services to the needs of clients.

Whether it’s one-off projects or a full SEO overhaul, Brodie has the skill set to match a client’s desires. He’s seen success consulting for major brands like Tripadvisor, Airtasker, Envato, and more.

Specialties: Technical SEO, local SEO, international search optimization, e-commerce, Google Search Console

Featured On: Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Moz, #SEOFOMO

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Listen to our chat with Brodie about SEO strategies for international expansion.

12. Ben Goodsell

A screenshot of Ben Goodsell's LinkedIn page

Bio: With more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, Ben Goodsell works to help big brands find workarounds to some of their most significant implementation-blocking roadblocks and reporting challenges. As the founder and consultant of Tight Ship, Ben uses his experiences to support clients’ content, search engine, and backlinking optimization and strategies.

Ben’s philosophy for enterprise SEO involves using automation for all that can be automated to maximize time and resources for projects that are inherently human, like strategy and research. By combining automation with creative thinking, his strategy yields massive growth for enterprise clients.

Specialties: Technical SEO, global SEO, PPC, analytics, backlink strategy, email strategy, SEM, and project management

Featured On: Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, MarTech

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

13. AJ Kohn

A screenshot of AJ Kohn's LinkedIn page

Bio: AJ Kohn is a digital marketer, start-up advisor, and owner of Blind Five Year Old, a digital marketing consultancy based out of San Francisco. With more than 20 years of marketing experience, AJ is a recognized thought leader and has emphasized experience with SEO, PPC marketing, and other emerging marketing channels.

AJ’s approach to SEO consulting involves blending product strategy with UX and data analysis in order to create holistic marketing strategies. He’s seen success working with large clients like Pinterest, Genius, and 99designs.

Specialties: SEO, UX, social media, PPC, affiliate marketing, customer relationship management, direct mail, promotions, analytics, forecasting

Featured On: Marketing Land, Moz

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Check out AJ discuss the threats SEO strategies face on the client circuit.

14. Gaetano DiNardi

A screenshot of Gaetano DiNardi's LinkedIn page

Bio: With more than eight years of B2B and B2C marketing experience, Gaetano DiNardi blends the skills he’s gained as a musician and producer into his reputable marketing career. After successfully growing a company by over 400% before it was acquired, Gaetano continues to help lead B2B companies to generate leads through strategic content strategies.

Gaetano has advised a number of Series A and B startups on growing marketing teams and folding SEO into their larger strategy. With a keen understanding of capturing customer demand, Gaetano builds impactful digital marketing strategies around business objectives.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, website optimization, content creation, copywriting, and social media

Featured On: HubSpot

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Listen to our Content & Conversation podcast with Gaetano on scaling your site visits from 0 to 200,000.

15. John-Henry Scherck

A screenshot of John-Henry Scherck's LinkedIn page

Bio: John-Henry Scherck is a digital marketing thought leader and owner of Growth Plays, a Los Angeles consultancy focusing on B2B SEO and content strategy. With more than a decade of digital marketing experience, John-Henry works with fast-growing and established brands to increase demand and improve competitive differentiation.

Known for his work with Saas companies, John-Henry consults founders and marketing executives on ways to build or refine marketing strategies. Through a mix of off-site improvements and content strategy, John-Henry is able to build organic growth machines for major brands.

Specialties: Content strategy, SEO, SaaS SEO

Featured On: Siege Media,

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

John-Henry covers content marketing for SaaS in an exciting discussion on best practices and performance tips.

16. Kristan Bauer

A screenshot of Kristan Bauer's LinkedIn page

Bio: Kristan Bauer is an SEO consultant, speaker, author, and founder of Confir Media, an SEO consultancy. With over a decade of experience, she has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognizable brands to grow organic audiences. She also provides SEO training on her personal website for those looking to grow their online presence.

Confir Media provides SEO consulting services to large brands like Stripe, Duolingo, TrueCar, REI, and more. By combining technical, content, and international SEO best practices, Kristan’s team is equipped to help clients of all sizes.

Specialties: SEO strategy, real estate, marketplace SEO

Featured On: Udemy, Siege Media, Search Engine Journal, SEOPresso

Where To Find: LinkedIn | Twitter

Learn about enterprise real estate SEO with Kristan on our Content & Conversation podcast.

17. Mike Yon

A screenshot of Mike Yon's LinkedIn page

Bio: Mike Yon is an SEO strategist known for exploding profitable growth for clients.

As the owner and founder of Clean Air Digital, LLC and multiple websites within his portfolio, Mike uses his experience as an SEO strategist and workflow systems professional to help clients build and reach goals. Mike also has experience in helping clients through M&A workflows, acquisition, and team optimization.

Mike has extensive experience helping enterprise organizations build scalable SEO strategies and planning for large digital transitions. Beyond that, he’s additionally helped companies build workflow systems that improve SEO efficiency.

Specialties: SEO strategy, project management, data analysis,, MySQL, content strategy, analytics, backlink strategy and outreach, and affiliate marketing

Featured On: Traffic Think Tank, Crunchbase

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Check out our conversation with Mike on the state of M&A SEO .

18. Louis Smith

A screenshot of Louis Smith's LinkedIn page

Bio: Louis Smith is an e-commerce SEO Specialist based out of the United Kingdom. He works with small, medium, and enterprise-level brands to scale their SEO strategies, improve bottom lines, and help client increase conversion through optimization strategies.

Specializing in Shopify SEO but having expertise in other e-commerce platforms, Louis helps large e-commerce brands optimize their platforms to increase sales. By combining SEO with a sales-driven approach, Louis has created success for large brands like Lenovo, Otrium, Lifehack, and more.

Specialties: SEO, e-commerce, social media, backlink strategy, content strategy, WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify

Featured On: Unmiss, Publisher Collective

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn

19. Nick LeRoy

A screenshot of Nick LeRoy's LinkedIn page

Bio: Nick is a freelance SEO consultant based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. With experience leading SEO teams at large companies and authoring two popular SEO newsletters, Nick has created a name for himself as one of the most prominent voices in the SEO community.

Nick has built successful SEO strategies for a number of enterprise companies — namely Wix,, and Saatva. His services include SEO consulting, auditing, and advising, with particular skills in helping SEO executives build and executive strategic SEO roadmaps.

Specialties: SEO consulting, SEO auditing, web migrations, KPI alignment

Featured On: Search Engine Land, Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal, Moz, ContentKing, OnCrawl

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn

20. Tom Dehnel

A screenshot of Tom Dehnel's LinkedIn page

Bio: Based out of San Fransisco, Tom Dehnel is an independent SEO consultant and the creator of a popular YouTube channel. Particularly skilled in breaking down SEO complex topics, Tom creates change by training and consulting high-level executives on what SEO strategies make the most sense for their website.

Through meshing content strategy, technical SEO, and off-site improvements, Tom tells companies where their priorities should lie, and then watches the results funnel in. He’s consulted for a number of major investment banks and enterprise firms in the San Francisco area, like Goldman Sachs and other major brands like Okta, Alsco, and Asurion.

Specialties: SEO auditing, keyword strategy, content strategy, link building, technical SEO

Featured On: Oh Ship Show, Anchor SFist

Where To Find: Website | LinkedIn

Why Should You Work With These SEO Consultants?

Staying ahead of the algorithms and investing in SEO is vital in keeping your traffic up. These enterprise SEO consultants can build scalable strategies to create organic growth for your business and keep you looped in on any algorithmic changes in the future.

Still unsure where to start? Check out our Content & Conversation Podcast where we sit down with SEO consultants across all industries and take deep dives into the latest trends and updates in SEO, content, promotion, and more.

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