In life, there are often people you’d love to meet in person, but just can’t. Paddy Moogan, co-founder of Aira, has been one of those people for me.

This problem led us to create a podcast-only version of our “Content and Conversation” video series. As Paddy lives across the pond from our San Diego video homebase, it made sense to connect via audio to discuss everything pertinent to content marketing and SEO.

In this episode, Paddy and I discuss the recent rel=”Sponsored” and “UGC” news, Hannah Smith’s recent article on always going viral, as well as how we see the future of content marketing and SEO proceeding.

We also talk about how culture can be the difference between success and failure for agencies, and riff a bit about the right structure for a content marketing campaign. It was a great chat and hope you feel the same about all the wisdom Paddy shared.

Show Notes:

  • 0:45: What do you think of the “we always go viral” culture of many SEO presentations?
  • 19:50: How will rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc” change link building/links?
  • 32:00: How will content marketing and SEO change in 2020 and beyond, if at all?
  • 45:34: How does Aira differentiate itself as a content marketing/SEO agency?

Show Links:

We will start doing more of these podcast-only episodes as we highlight more guests we might not be able to get in-office. We’re still bullish on our video format, but will mix these in to get more guests on who may be more difficult to get into San Diego. Audio formats for Spotify and other networks will be coming soon.

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