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Hippo is a property insurance company that offers a modern perspective on consumers’ relationships with their insurance company. Sold primarily online, Hippo provides a personal and trusted experience in several states. They also have a program called Hippo Home Care and work with home builders and lenders through Hippo Builder Insurance Agency.

Industry: Fintech, insurance

Location: Palo Alto, CA, U.S.

Services Provided: Digital PR


Hippo was impressed with the high-quality content Siege Media created for them in a previous engagement and decided to return and utilize our digital PR services. Typical benchmarks that show SEO and content marketing successes — like ranking, link building, and traffic growth — weren’t a priority for Hippo during this engagement. Instead, they chose to focus on unique views per month (UVM).

Hippo tasked Siege Media with creating authoritative content that would put them in the national spotlight. With this in mind, Siege Media needed to create trustworthy content that the company could distribute to media outlets.

Growth Summary

Siege Media immediately started creating content that positioned Hippo as an authority for their target audience — those seeking a modern insurance solution. We created shareable surveys and informational resources media outlets could use as a source to broaden Hippo’s reach.

We saw success quickly — posts like the Preparedness Pulse Report received as many as 12 media placements in as few as three months from reputable organizations like Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, and GoBankingRates.

To capitalize on the Halloween season, Siege Media helped create a post solely focused on spooky House-Settling Noises. The post was referenced on several local, regional, and national news networks because of its timeliness. It was also featured on BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and AOL. This post gained 460 million impressions from media placements alone.

Our high-quality content, backed by extensive research, allowed the Hippo team to confidently perform outreach. Whether they site our curated sources on local news networks or share Siege Media-created assets on nationally recognized websites, the contributions from our team have helped move the needle toward Hippo’s success.

Extreme Weather Survey

The results

  • Featured in "Better Homes and Gardens"
  • 10 media placements in 4 months
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Homeowner Preparedness Report

The results

  • Featured on MSN
  • 6 media placements in 2 months
  • Featured on Yahoo Finance
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House Settling Noises

The results

  • Featured on HuffPost
  • 12 media placements in 2 months
  • Featured on BuzzFeed
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Holiday Home Safety Tips

The results

  • 7 media placements in 2 months
  • Featured on "NBC News Daily"
  • Featured on U.S. News & World Report
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