How Siege grew monthly traffic value by $91,215 for Angi in 12 months

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Angi aims to connect homeowners with prescreened local service professionals to carry out home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling projects. Angi is a free online service for homeowners and a paid network for service professionals who can pay to have their services featured on the site.

Industry: Home improvement

Location: Denver, CO

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO


At the start of Siege’s engagement with Angi, the client was starting to expand their brand into much broader “home” categories. They were hesitant to work with a vendor, as previous engagements created posts that were more in tune with pop culture instead of targeting their needs. They also needed an agency that would greatly expand their link growth to add more visibility to their site.

Angi was also worried about targeting the correct demographics. They needed to target homeowners (not renters) who had enough disposable income to want to hire a professional instead of doing all the work themselves. They also had several outsourced teams writing inconsistent copy — meaning that Siege had to create content that not only stood out but blended in with their brand and voice.

Growth summary

To target Angi Consumer’s ideal audience, Siege brainstormed and wrote content to specifically direct readers to Angi’s hiring pages. In addition to offering reader-friendly, DIY guides, Siege created posts to guide readers to Angi’s contractor, landscaping, and other service pages within the home improvement industry.

Due to Angi’s site migration and content management system overhaul, Siege was unable to implement link-driving assets like calculators, quizzes, and animations. However, Siege found alternative link drivers, like custom spreadsheets for posts like the Home Remodel Cost Estimator — a calculator search query, that currently brings in 2.6k monthly search traffic ranks on Page One.

Additionally, Siege generated high-quality links from authoritative websites with survey content like length of home renovations and listing the most expensive states for home maintenance — bringing in 182 links combined.

With 80+ pieces of Siege-created content, it became clear that targeted keywords, consistent quality, and a dual outreach and passive link focus provided the tools Angi needed for optimal link growth.

Top performing Angi content

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