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Instacart made their mark pioneering the online grocery shopping experience and simplified grocery home delivery services. They streamline processes for vendors through advanced retail enablement solutions while evolving how shoppers and companies alike shop, eat, and live.

Industry: B2C, e-commerce

Location: San Francisco, California

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO


Instacart came to Siege Media as a mature business with a high Domain Authority and established credibility in the digital grocery shopping space. However, they only recently launched a new content hub, Ideas & Guides, and needed a partner to expand and improve upon the sound content strategy they already built to beat authoritative competitors in the recipes and food blogging space.

Given this competitive industry, the Instacart team desired a partner that could provide high-utility assets like calculators and easy-to-use generators while simultaneously creating content that drove traffic to their content hub, blog, and mapped customers back to their wide range of products.

The results

Growth summary

Since Instacart was an innovative brand in an already competitive space, Siege needed to find ways to differentiate from goliaths in the industry like Tasty, Allrecipes, and Taste of Home.

Via a Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) analysis, Siege identified top of funnel topics with high search volume and passive link intent to drive both links and traffic to the emerging content hub — resulting in eight Siege-generated pieces of content ranking on Page One.

Ultimately, Siege separated Instacart from the rest of the pack by leveraging our design and development capabilities in a space where recipes are prevalent, but tools aren’t.

By creating high-yield tools like our “Turkey Cooking Time” calculator and “Grams to Cups” converter, we positioned Instacart as the consumer’s go-to resource for all cooking resources and grocery shopping needs.

Top performing Instacart content

39 Healthy, Low-Calorie Meals

The results

  • Ranking Page One for "low calorie meals"
  • $6.0K monthly traffic value
  • 3.5K organic traffic
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Turkey Cooking Time Calculator

The results

  • Ranking Page One for "turkey cooking time calculator"
  • 20 links
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44+ Cooking Statistics

The results

  • Ranking Page One for "cooking statistics"
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Grams to Cups Converter

The results

  • Ranking Page One for "grams to cups conversion"
  • Featured Snippet
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