Siege Media’s content marketing strategy helped boost traffic value by $211K for Purple

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Purple is an innovative mattress company with a patented GelFlex® Grid technology that cradles each pressure point.

Industry: E-commerce

Location: Lehi, Utah, U.S.

Services provided: Content marketing, UX recommendations


Purple needed an agency to create simple, engaging content about mattresses and product education. They also had a goal to teach their audience about sleep health while enticing them to purchase Purple products, like mattresses and pillows. Because of this, Siege Media needed to create a content strategy that followed Purple’s brand guidelines and leaned into emphasizing the company’s unique value.

Purple also measured success in different ways. First and foremost, Purple wanted to get potential customers in front of their products. They also valued specific traffic metrics, like organic traffic, traffic value, growth, and page views. Finally, they wanted to free themselves from the “bed-in-a-box” branding that overwhelmed the mattress market by featuring content with GelFlex® Grid messaging to show how they differentiate from other companies.

The results

Growth Summary

Siege Media began the engagement with Purple by identifying content gaps on their website, high-value keywords to include throughout various articles, and user experience recommendations for the Purple blog. Siege Media also identified low-performing content across the blog as well as pages in striking distance of the SERP’s Top 10 that needed to be optimized.

Siege Media provided the Purple team with blog design recommendations in the first month to enhance their user experience. The concepts Siege Media provided were specifically designed to help the Purple blog align more closely with SEO best practices, which could help content rank over time.

Blog hub recommendations included but were not limited to:

  • Establishing curated content sections for recently published, top-read, and link-generating content
  • Creating categorization and navigation above the fold
  • Including dynamic CTAs throughout the blog hub to drive users to landing pages and product pages
  • Adding visual interest and variety in their thumbnails

For the blog posts, Siege Media had additional recommendations like:

  • Using a quick-answer box to create visual interest and shorten time to value
  • Including more visual interest with callout boxes, tables, and pull quotes
  • Enhancing E-E-A-T with author bios and article bylines

The beginning of the content marketing strategy included creating a mix of new and revamped content. These articles spanned all levels of the funnel: Middle-funnel posts like “Full vs. Queen Mattress” had an average monthly organic traffic of 517 in June 2023, but after Siege Media performed a revamp, it has steadily increased to 5,098, an increase of 886%.

Siege Media also used content marketing expertise to create content that not only ranks but converts — hitting upon the core KPI that Purple requested. Some of the top-converting Siege Media posts include “The Best Mattresses for Back Pain” and “When Is the Best Time To Buy a Mattress in 2024?” These comprehensive examples of new and refreshed content made way for a 75% sitewide increase in ranking keywords.

Featured content

Full vs. Queen Mattresses

The results

  • 2.3K keywords ranking in the Top 10
  • 5,098 average monthly organic traffic
  • Top-ranking post for “queen vs full” (SV 7.4K)
  • Featured snippet and People Also Ask box
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Alaskan King Bed

The results

  • Top-ranking post for “Alaskan king bed size” (SV 4.2K)
  • $5,712 monthly traffic value
  • 9,575 average organic monthly traffic
  • 887 keywords ranking in the Top 10
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King vs. California King Mattresses

The results

  • 1.8K keywords ranking in the Top 10
  • 7,681 average organic monthly traffic
  • Featured snippet for “California king vs king” (SV 27K)
  • People Also Ask box
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Blanket Sizes

The results

  • 4,867 average organic monthly traffic
  • Top-ranking post for the keyword “blanket sizes” (SV 3.4K)
  • Image pack
  • People Also Ask box
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