Siege Media’s content strategy helped increase blog conversions for Cin7 by 40% MoM

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Cin7 is an inventory management platform designed to help small to medium businesses thrive. Cin7 is for companies looking to ditch spreadsheets and move to a more robust inventory management software, from furniture retailers to food and beverage vendors and electronics companies.

Industry: SaaS

Location: Denver, CO, U.S.

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO


When Cin7 and Siege Media began their engagement, Cin7 didn’t have an organic search strategy in place and needed a foundation for organic growth opportunities. Therefore, some of the core KPIs for Siege Media’s performance on the account included growth in organic traffic, lead generation from organic traffic, and hitting essential keywords to rank on the appropriate SERPs for their industry.

Shortly before our engagement, Cin7 acquired two sites — DEAR Systems and Orderhive — and started preparing for a full site migration that would occur shortly after our partnership launched.

Growth summary

To begin the engagement, Siege Media targeted low-difficulty topics to build momentum. Then, we balanced it out by pursuing high-difficulty keywords like “best inventory management software” and “what is inventory management.”

Siege Media’s next goal was to strengthen Cin7’s internal linking to train Google about the specific pages we wanted certain keyword variations to rank for.

Since Cin7 had just acquired multiple websites into its own, they needed help with SEO. Siege Media provided Cin7 with 24 technical audits throughout the engagement, including recommendations to improve site performance and ranking ability. The audits also identified which existing pages from their previous websites added value and prioritized specific blog and landing pages.

Other audits included identifying and flagging existing pages that led to a redirect during the site migration.

With these sitewide SEO recommendations and a comprehensive content marketing strategy, Cin7 saw a 3.9K increase in links and three points added to their Domain Rating, bringing them from 74 to 77.

Featured content

Purchase order templates

The results

  • Top-ranking post for “purchase order template” (SV 9.5K)
  • 2.5K monthly organic traffic
  • $2K monthly traffic value
  • 404 ranking keywords
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Small business statistics

The results

  • 463 ranking keywords
  • Ranking in the Top 10 for “small business facts”
  • People Also Ask box
  • 44 links
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Best manufacturing ERP software

The results

  • $9.3K monthly traffic value
  • Top-ranking post for “manufacturing ERP software”
  • 94 links
  • 329 ranking keywords
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How to get a barcode for your product

The results

  • Top-ranking post for target keyword
  • Featured snippet
  • People Also Ask box
  • 374 ranking keywords
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