How Siege Helped Mailshake Add 500k+ Organic Visits Through Content Revamps


87% Increase in Organic Traffic to /Blog in Nearly Six Months


Increase in Traffic Value to /Blog Within One Year


Links Within One Year

The Client

Mailshake is a simple yet powerful email outreach and sales engagement software helping sales teams automate tedious tasks related to cold outreach and scale communications with new prospects while still maintaining a personalized feel.

Industry: SaaS

Location: Austin, TX

Services Provided: Cotent Marketing, SEO


At the beginning of Siege Media’s engagement with Mailshake, a staggering 25% of their existing posts received zero traffic or engagement while 42% of their posts ranked on Page Three or later.

Siege prepared to do a content audit on existing low-ranking posts with SEO best practices in mind to ensure these pieces could climb toward visibility on Page One. Creating fresh content was key to improving rankings and ensuring traffic momentum stayed on an upward trend.

Additionally, Siege saw an opportunity to better target Mailshake’s ideal customer profile (ICP), as their team didn’t yet have the direction they needed to optimize.

Growth Summary

By doing a thorough content audit and refresh, Siege Media improved Mailshake’s content by targeting their ICP through a one-two-punch strategy by researching high-volume, top-funnel sales audiences and creating content with a hyper-focused ICP by gaining insight from industry experts.

Siege talked directly to industry experts through low-difficulty, high-reward keywords in the B2B space to make Mailshake a valuable authoritative expert for the sales engagement platform industry.

To create valuable content for industry experts, Siege created high-ranking email templates and example posts, as well as satisfying search queries for “X Best” posts. These posts ultimately performed well for Mailshake, increasing organic traffic /blog to over 50,000 in just six months. And, from May to August of 2022, Mailshake experienced an explosion of organic visits—reaching over 500,000.

In just one month of engagement with Siege Media, Mailshake’s Sales Interview Questions and Best Sales Books revamps skyrocketed from not ranking to ranking on Page One. Siege also helped Mailshake become more visible in their industry by creating 10 pieces of content that ranked on Page One.