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Gallant is a collective of respected veterinarians, scientists, and dedicated entrepreneurs. Their work results from over 100 years of regenerative medical experience and a commitment to invest millions into the future of stem cell therapies for animals.

Industry: Pet Medicine

Location: Los Angeles, California

Services provided: Content marketing


Gallant is pet stem cell banking for dogs, cats, and horses, offering a completely new and revolutionary technology to veterinary medicine. With venture backing and an appearance on Shark Tank, Gallant needed a high-profile agency that could help them educate customers on this new wave of medicine and drive greater visibility to their brand. After spending decades building their stem cell technology, they wanted to share it with the world with a new blog.

Growth summary

Gallant enlisted Siege to build authority and trust for their customers in the pet health space. Siege approached the engagement with Gallant knowing that most users likely needed more education around the complex stem cell processes, use cases, and potential efficacy concerns.

Siege Media focused our strategy on creating two types of assets: link-driven content to build Gallant’s domain authority and search-driven articles to address health-related concerns. For link building, Siege created various guidelines and infographics targeting pet owners and their common dog health concerns.

Our brainstorming sessions focused on topics that Gallant could rank for more quickly in the pet health space. To collect relevant search terms, we accounted for competitive factors like keyword difficulty and traffic value. This ensured Gallant could start to rank and build authority to go after more saturated, hard-to-rank-for topics.

In the end, we skyrocketed growth to their new blog in only six months, jumping from 0 to 80,000 quickly. Making the monthly organic visits in six months average to 58,683 and an average monthly value of $64,500.

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