How Siege Media Grew Gallant from 0 to 80,000 Monthly Organic Visits


organic visits in under a year


of organic traffic from blog

The Client

Gallant is a collective of respected veterinarians, scientists, and some unbelievably dedicated entrepreneurs. Their work is the result of over 100 years of regenerative medicine experience, and a commitment to invest millions into the future of stem cell therapies.

Industry: Pet Medicine

Location: Los Angeles, California

Services Provided: Content Marketing


Gallant is pet stem cell banking for dogs, offering a completely new and revolutionary technology to veterinary medicine. With venture baking and a recent appearance on Shark Tank, Gallant was looking for an agency who could help them add credibility to their brand and educate customers on this new wave of medicine.

Growth Summary

Gallant had a small nimble team and needed an outside agency to start building trust with their customers. Having spent decades building their stem cell technology, they were ready to share it with the world. But with a market that was completely unaware of stem cell potential, and potentially weary of its efficacy, we got to work immediately on content to address those concerns.

We focused our strategy two-fold: first on lin-driven content to start building domain authority to a brand new website and second on search-driven articles addressing common health related concerns that fit Gallant’s target audience.

During brainstorming, we focused our search efforts around topics that were realistic for the Gallant brand to rank for. We took into account competition factors like keyword difficulty and traffic value to build a 50+ keyword document of relevant terms for them to tackle first. This ensured we weren’t wasn’t time on creating content they couldn’t realistically rank for in the short term.

On the link building side, we created a variety of guides and infographics geared towards pet owners and their common dog health concerns.

The end result was skyrocketing growth in just six months, with 80,000 monthly organic visits at an estimated monthly value of $64,500.