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RentSpree is an online rental application and tenant screening service that serves over 400,000 landlords, agents, renters, and property managers across all 50 states. RentSpree sets out to make the rental process both simple and accessible.

Industry: B2B, SaaS

Location: Los Angeles, California

Services provided: Content marketing


Founded in 2016, RentSpree’s user base began to grow considerably in a short amount of time. In order to sustain that momentum, they needed a partner to level up their marketing efforts – both in SEO and SEM.

RentSpree was looking for a collaborator to produce high-quality content that had the depth to get results through link generation and organic traffic. Additionally, they needed help analyzing their current efforts to revamp the foundation of their technical SEO strategy.

Ultimately, RentSpree had a clear vision to boost the number of high-authority backlinks and user engagement via strategic content.

Growth summary

To best understand RentSpree’s potential opportunities, we conducted a site inventory in order to discover areas that needed improvement. We advised them to ramp up their efforts through SEO and keyword-driven articles.

Through our dedicated game plan of both keyword research and outreach, we produced positive results with content like the Real Estate Commission Calculator that remains the leading driver of organic traffic to RentSpree’s entire site MoM and Top Real Estate Hashtags — bringing the sixth most organic clicks to the entire website in one year.

To stand out in this highly-competitive space, our push toward SEO-driven content continued to increase rapidly. Currently, we developed 18 posts ranking on Page One like our data-driven piece, “26 Most Common Real Estate Questions,” which jumped over 100 spots in three months.

Our aggressive approach proved to be a success. In less than a year, our team helped encourage 645 referring domains to the RentSpree site, 193 of which are to the blog. Furthermore, we’ve seen a 2,700% increase in backlinks to the blog.

"The team over at Siege was thorough, super communicative about what their process was, and very concrete in terms of the delivery of all projects … [the team] was very consistent in their communication.

Siege also did a phenomenal job of setting expectations in terms of content performance."

Kenyon Ates Marketing Coordinator, RentSpree

Kenyon Ates

Marketing Coordinator, RentSpree

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Easy Real Estate Commission Calculator

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Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads for New Agents

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How Long Should You Study for the Real Estate Exam?

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