How Secureframe Used Siege To Grow Site-Wide Traffic Value by 112%


Increase in Organic Traffic to /blog in Six Months


Pieces Ranking on Page One


Increase in Backlinks in Six Months

The Client

Secureframe is the leading platform for security compliance automation that helps organizations build trust and stay secure. With 100+ integrations to core services such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Github, JAMF, and Okta, Secureframe automatically and continuously collects audit evidence, runs security awareness training, monitors infrastructure, and more.

Industry: B2B, Security & Compliance

Location: San Francisco, CA

Services Provided: Content Marketing, SEO


Secureframe approached Siege Media without a link building strategy and a blog that lacked direction. Before investing in Siege, Secureframe put money into some content marketing but saw that most of their return came from paid media. They feared that as the industry got more competitive, they needed to invest in organic search strategies.

Since they came to us in their infancy, Secureframe also had a relatively low domain authority and lacked brand presence compared to more established competitors like Vanta.

This, coupled with the relatively newer security compliance automation industry and the nuances and complexities of new readers understanding SOC 2 and other security frameworks meant that there was a big necessity for quality, educational content .

Because Secureframe wanted to be authoritative and approachable for their audience, we needed to fully comprehend and address legal, security, and compliance standards so we could demystify them for their audience.

Growth Summary

To accomplish the goals Secureframe expected from us, Siege created content that centered around a “What Is” search intent to draw in first-time readers and help Secureframe achieve their approachable yet authoritative goals.

Since our partnership began, Siege Media published 37 pieces that were a mixture of SEO posts and promotables.

To start, Siege Media’s content strategy involved prioritizing cost per click over search volume, creating high-utility content frameworks, and identifying topics that had passive link intent.

With these posts, we created interactive templates, worksheets, and checklists that helped readers meet compliance with Secureframe’s main products: HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.

Promotables came in the form of highly linkable printables, statistics posts, and infographics to help the audience understand security frameworks while building content that ranked for high-value keywords.

After we began publishing content for Secureframe, Siege-created content increased their organic blog traffic by 560% from January to June of 2022.

By working with Siege Media, Secureframe saw 17 Siege-created pieces ranking on Page One for their target keyword, while four posts are ranking in Position One.

To date, Siege Media content helped increase blog traffic value by 189%, and site-wide traffic value by 112%.

In the last eight months, Secureframe garnered an estimated 7,800 organic monthly search traffic, 6,313 organic keywords, an estimated traffic value of $35,100, and will continue to grow.

At the start of our partnership, Secureframe’s domain had 480 LRDs but increased by 95% with Siege, totaling 951 links — outpacing the competition’s link velocity.