How Siege Media Helped Embroker Rank #1 for “Startup Insurance” in 6 Months


ranking for primary keyword


increase in monthly traffic value


organic links generated

The Client

Embroker is a business insurance company focused on high-growth startups and the enterprise.

Industry: Insurance

Location: San Francisco, California

Services Provided: Content Marketing


Embroker had one moonshot keyword that they knew they needed to achieve to gain customers. We were hired early in Embroker’s lifecycle to help dramatically grow their search presence and capture a high- interest “startup insurance” keyword.

Growth Summary

At campaign start, Embroker was bottom of page one for the term. Siege conceptualized high quality content that would generate topic authority for the concept and also, relevant links through adjacency.

Siege created several high quality pieces while also focusing on top-funnel rankings, building assets such as the piece on startup statistics with the goal of giving Embroker passive links month over month to continue to build topic authority.

Additionally, Siege also over-delivered on its contract, giving Embroker several recommendations of how to improve their startup insurance page to improve rankings.

The campaign worked as planned, quickly driving up the page and giving Embroker a solid #1 ranking for the term. Additionally, Siege’s efforts helped build overall domain authority and push up other important bottom-funnel pages whose rankings are next in line.

Sean Cummings CMO at Embroker

Most people doing this stuff are full of shit. You guys know what you’re doing!!

Sean Cummings

CMO at Embroker