How Siege Media grew StyleSeat’s blog from $0 to $199,942 in 10 months

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StyleSeat is the leader for independent beauty, grooming, and wellness professionals. After their first installment of Seed funding in 2012, StyleSeat generated over 155 million appointments — totaling over $10.6 billion in revenue for beauty professionals. The beauty online destination brand is featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune.

Industry: B2B

Location: San Francisco, California

Services provided: Content marketing, web design


Aside from the blog redesign, StyleSeat’s search presence was relatively unknown. This means they needed a strategy that prioritized creative content around their most popular services in order to build authority and improve organic traffic to the blog.

This made our strategy quite simple: content, content, content.

Before and after redesign

To keep up with StyleSeat’s rapid growth, they needed a blog that was both optimized and well-designed — and fast.

To accomplish this, we jumped on improvements in their UX design while emphasizing technical SEO best practices, like merging their two blogs under one URL:

Given the beauty and lifestyle space, we approached their blog to mirror an editorial-style template. We developed easy-to-navigate categories, added search functions, and optimized their post pages without sacrificing their branding and style. Ultimately, our goal was to make their blog intuitive, unique against competitors, and push the user towards their main KPIs.

This resulted in significant lifts in their website across the board in a short amount of time, including a 94+% increase in organic traffic 11 months after the blog went live.

The results

Growth summary

With over 100+ pieces of content and 55 posts ranking on Page One, it’s no secret why StyleSeat has seen non-stop momentum in both organic traffic and traffic value.

Due to StyleSeat’s already great service offerings, redesigning their blog for both optimization and UX was the final piece of the puzzle for their results to skyrocket. In the end, high-quality content made them stand out from their competitors, thanks to the creation of interactive content like a color dye quiz and adding a premium feel to their already existing imagery.

Ultimately, Siege’s targeted focus on rankable content and blog optimization turned StyleSeat into a highly trafficked B2B website while simultaneously increasing their traffic value significantly in under a year.

Top performing StyleSeat content

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