How Siege Media Helped Grow by 587,879 Visits Using Technical SEO


increase in organic traffic over 20 months


recommendations provided

The Client is a driver’s education platform that provides practice tests for cars, motorcycles and CDL vehicles. They are known for their free practice questions based on real DMV exams.

Industry: Education

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Services Provided: SEO Consulting


Already ranking in top positions for their most important keywords, needed to add gasoline to the fire and strengthen their organic search presence.

Growth Summary

We delivered hundreds of SEO recommendations, primarily technical SEO, that have played a key part in the organic search growth for their website.

Making sure every nook and cranny of the website is clean and optimized was one of the primary focuses to ensure crawlability and indexability is fine-tuned. This ultimately resulted in positive movements for their site and helped withstand all algorithm changes.

A Peek Into Our SEO Approach

SEO A/B Testing

We conducted a number of tests, comparing items like title tags, content placement, URLs and internal links to optimize CTR and improve rankings.

Content Audit
Every page on the website was analyzed to weed out any thin or low performing pages and spot any opportunities to merge or improve content.

Crawl Optimization
We ensured that content on pages were seen by GoogleBot and other search engines with ease. This was achieved through the removal of pagination tunnels, redirect chains, hidden content and more.