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TurboTenant is revolutionizing the rental process by providing savvy landlords with cutting-edge online tools to market their rentals, accept online applications and screen tenants — all for free.

Industry: B2B, real estate

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Services provided: Content marketing


TurboTenant was a new product to the marketplace facing copycat competitors along with established background check services. They needed a link building partner in order to compete, but also someone who understood their core audience (landlords).

Growth summary

We started our engagement two-fold: search-driven assets that addressed common landlord pain points and link-driven assets with broader appeal to landlords and renters. Promoted content relied on tangential markets such as business publications, city-focused outlets and relevant lifestyle bloggers. For search, we brainstormed topics landlords needed answers to and we could realistically get TurboTenant to rank for. For that, we were able to leverage their unique data and internal reporting in order to boost their authority in the industry.

The end result was a 180% lift in their organic blog traffic in just one year, in addition to more than 280 links generated to their blog.

We also worked on a monthly SEO retainer to provide TurboTenant with regular adjustments and improvements to ensure traffic continued to grow. A summary of our work included:

Searcher intent research:

We analyzed the SERPs to record what content types Google is serving valuable bottom funnel queries. Based on our findings, we suggested changes to the rental application page and others in order to remain relevant.

Content consolidation:

We analyzed current and historical SERPs to see how to better earn traffic to their valuable service pages. Based on our findings, we suggested consolidating several pages that had been created to target long-tail keywords, but were instead competing with each other for top search terms. By consolidating these pages, TurboTenant saw a 200%+ increase in organic pageviews YoY.

Content audit:

We audited their existing blog content and recommended edits to any posts ranking on the bottom half of page 1 or worse.

Page speed updates:

Page load speed is critical for rankings and traffic. Our developer team helped repair load speed issues caused by lazy loads and similar problems.

Finally, we helped TurboTenant with a blog redesign in order to improve their content architecture, introduce relevant hub pages and refresh their overall UX.

"The Siege Media team has been a major contributor to our growth in the past year. In addition to delivering high value content and links, they've helped us with SEO strategy, execution and refinements. We see them not just as a vendor, but as a long term partner.”

Sarah Stinson Director of Content & SEO, TurboTenant

Sarah Stinson

Director of Content & SEO, TurboTenant

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