How Siege Media Helped Uscreen Increase Traffic by 117% in Eight Months


Million Impressions on Siege-Generated Content


Increase in Traffic Value to /Blog in Under One Year


Pieces Ranking on Page One

The Client

Uscreen helps brands of all sizes grow their video content strategy and audience through monetization, distribution, and data optimization. They pioneered a unique interface to make video commerce simple — putting sales, promotion, and analysis all in one place. Whether you’re an individual content creator or a Fortune 500 company ready to take your video content to the next level, Uscreen proves its success — generating hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

Industry: SaaS

Location: North Bethesda, Maryland

Services Provided: Content Marketing, SEO


Uscreen came to Siege Media ready to significantly expand their content engine. In both the video and solutions space, their audience is diverse, making it difficult to capture valuable engagement in the right places.

Additionally, they had limited resources — and they needed a partner who was both autonomous and confident in their content strategy. They needed a partner that would capture demand and visibility at each stage of the buyer’s journey while excelling at on-brand communication and stellar design.

Ultimately, given their competitive space, Uscreen desired collaboration that allowed for maximum visibility (coverage on sites with high Domain Authorities) and high-quality content to ensure their brand and product was not one to forget.

Growth Summary

The Siege Media team got to work quickly and delivered a total of 75 pieces of content in eight months. 97% of that content is ranking for their target keywords, while 14 climbed to the very top of the SERP during the engagement.

How did Siege get here?

Spearheading a direction that emphasized unique in-post images, infographics, and templates, such as these posts on Video Podcasting and How To Write a Video Script, ranked quickly — especially on the Google Image SERP.

Siege’s strategy continued with an all-funnel approach in order to tackle both traffic to the blog and conversions for Uscreen’s product. How Much Does TikTok Pay became the number one traffic driver for Uscreen and generated 76 links. This strategy not only grew Uscreen’s position as an industry authority, but improved their overall blog traffic (117% to be exact).

A graph of Uscreen's organic traffic growth with Siege Media

On the bottom-of-funnel front, Siege narrowed focus to monetization and video content-specific, which influenced demo requests and free trials, directly hitting their product goals.

From there, Siege continued to diversify their content pool to hit multiple performance goals. Statistics posts like 112 YouTube Statistics for Content Creators became a top link generator due to its passive link qualities.

With 12 million impressions on Siege-generated content and a 21% increase to their backlink profile, it’s no surprise that Uscreen solidified themselves as an industry leader long term.

A graph of Uscreen's link growth with Siege Media