Abby Gleason joins us on Content & Conversation.

Digital marketing and SEO are known for endless ebbs, flows, and unpredictability.

Early in her career, Abby gravitated towards these details and invited the chaos of the marketing world in, ultimately leading to her success in the profession today.

With more than five years of leading SEO and content strategies (specifically for SaaS and e-commerce brands), Abby has had a full spectrum of experiences that have warranted accolades like AdFed’s 32 under 32.

In today’s episode, Abby joins Ross to discuss the keywords less traveled — zero volume keywords. They discuss why these lower-difficulty topics may surprise you with significant traffic increases, how to find them, and how this could fit within your overall strategy.

Show Notes:

  • 00:10: Welcome Abby Gleason, SEO Product Manager at Scribd
  • 00:40: What does “zero volume keywords” mean? Why are they a good strategy?
  • 2:22: Why zero volume keywords are creating a buzz
  • 5:29: How do you find zero volume keywords that actually drive traffic?
  • 8:26: Zero volume case study outcomes
  • 9:15: Discovering zero volume keywords by industry
  • 11:06: How to convince stakeholders to do zero volume search topics
  • 15:00: What type of investment makes sense for this strategy?
  • 17:36: Zero volume case study outcomes
  • 21:01: Low search volume can equal bottom funnel keywords
  • 24:33: Using competitors to your advantage and keyword frameworks
  • 26:51: Is this strategy ineffective within B2C organizations with lower customer LTV?
  • 29:23: The importance of quality over everything
  • 32:25: Audience research vs. keyword research
  • 33:56: Zero volume case study outcomes
  • 37:27: What Abby is excited about in SEO and content marketing

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