Six Stories’ Kelsey Jones joins us on Content & Conversation.

Jones is a writer and digital marketing consultant who specializes in content-driven strategy. She has expertise from her time as’s VP of Content Strategy and her tenure as the Executive Editor for Search Engine Journal.

Today, she splits her time implementing both SEO strategy and content audits for major companies like Ford, SalesForce, and Yelp, while also spearheading her own podcast, StoryShout.

In today’s episode, Kelsey breaks down her philosophy for content audits.

After a decade in the SEO game, this philosophy comes with recommendations for audit processes, ideal team structures, and why executing a content audit sooner rather than later may be the difference in hitting those performance goals.

Show Notes:

  • 00:12: Welcome, Kelsey Jones, Founder of Six Stories
  • 00:34: Kelsey’s content audit philosophy
  • 3:08: The best process for content audits
  • 7:22: The necessary benchmarks for content audits
  • 12:53: How much time do content audits take?
  • 14:38: Kelsey’s digital tool set
  • 16:17: How to adjust for keyword cannibalization
  • 19:45: Kelsey’s 404 vs. redirect ideology
  • 24:07: Are jump-to links for redirects necessary?
  • 25:26: How to scope a content audit
  • 27:33: Why content audits are an ongoing process
  • 31:11: How often should you do content audits?
  • 33:47: The benefits of “mini” content audits
  • 35:58: How should you structure an auditing team?
  • 41:08: What are common content audit mistakes you’ve seen?
  • 45:18: The ideal point person for content changes
  • 48:48: The value of checklists
  • 50:50: Content audits and their impact

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