Kristan Bauer joins us on this episode of Content & Conversation.

As the world moves deeper and deeper into digital-first services, niche markets are seeing a boom in competition on the SERP — real estate is no exception.

With previous experience as the Director of SEO at Zillow and now the founder and Lead SEO Consultant for her own firm, Conifr, Kristan knows how competitive the real estate industry can be.

In today’s competitive market, SEO for real estate is more vital than ever.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Kristan and Ross discuss duplicative content in a competitive space, how to optimize for local keywords, and guiding enterprise clients on SEO strategies and link acquisition.

Show Notes:

  • 00:10: Welcome, Kristan Bauer, Founder and SEO Consultant, Conifr
  • 00:41: Navigating low-percentage branded traffic
  • 7:32: The benefits of a localized site architecture
  • 9:37: Is duplicate content bad for real estate?
  • 13:39: AI-generated content’s role in real estate SEO
  • 15:45: How to guide client’s on link acquisition
  • 18:00: The ideal in-house team structure
  • 20:10: Traffic vs. lead conversion SEO (Movato)
  • 25:29: Go-to SEO strategies for enterprise real estate companies
  • 30:40: Localized keyword optimization
  • 33:09: Final tips, tactics, and recommended tools (Botify, seoClarity)
  • 39:14: Kristan’s predictions for the future of real estate and SEO

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