TrustRadius’ Mark Barerra joins us on Content & Conversation.

Barrera and the concept of trust have a history of going hand-in-hand. With 15 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, Barrera leads TrustRadius’ SEO and review generation efforts — increasing their monthly traffic by 230% in only six months. Impressed?

Today, Mark continues to move the needle in content optimization and search, helping uphold TrustRadius’ reputation as the most reliable review website in business technology. Plus, he even founded his own SEO conference.

In today’s episode, Mark and Ross discuss TrustRadius’ unique offerings and strategies.

From serving as SEO consultants to their clients and performance tracking against competitors to finding the secret sauce that defines their user-review recipe, the pair offer a multitude of great tips that you can apply to any B2B content marketing strategy.

Show Notes:

  • 00:10: Welcome, Mark Barrera, Vice President of Audience and Review Generation at TrustRadius
  • 00:44: How do you use SEO data to impact decisions at TrustRadius?
  • 3:36: The impact of review generation on SEO
  • 5:23: Duplicate content and how to create different experiences
  • 9:39: Mark’s ideal SEO department
  • 11:37: Measuring reviews, metrics vs. competitors
  • 13:01: The typical SEO at TrustRadius
  • 16:59: Tracking history — research boards and what they do
  • 20:11: How is TrustRadius monetizing?
  • 31:17: What performance tests work and which ones don’t
  • 37:08: How Google algorithm updates affect decisions for TrustRadius
  • 38:33: Mark’s view on link building, outreach
  • 41:01: What’s new for TrustRadius?

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