With Google rolling out more and more features, the “10 blue links” SERP is a thing of the past.

Even worse, changes like featured snippets not only take up SERP real estate, but also take away traffic. How can you compete not only with your SERP competition, but Google itself? Caroline chats with SEO Manager Jon Eric Dela Cruz to talk about “on SERP” SEO and how get the most traffic out of your rankings.

Show Notes:

  • 00:25: Why you should look at search clicks, not search volume for ideas
  • 3:30: Tips for capturing the featured snippet
  • 6:22: Anticipating organic traffic drops even if you capture the featured snippet
  • 7:50: Refreshing and testing title tags to attract clicks on SERP
  • 11:26: Do rich snippets improve rankings?
  • 14:26: How to capture People Also Ask boxes

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