Struggling to find the right formula for your in-house content marketing team? You’re not alone.

Balancing internal bandwidth with outsourcing can be a complex endeavor, leaving many wondering how to achieve maximum performance and scale.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Ross and Drew dive into the nuances of crafting the ideal in-house team structure for content marketing success.

They discuss the pivotal role of an internal Content Marketing Manager, emphasizing how their deep product and industry knowledge can either make or break the success of outsourced partnerships. Additionally, they explore how external resources can complement a variety of internal efforts and still maintain a high standard of quality.

Tune in as they navigate the intricacies of traditional team structures, tackle edge cases like working with multiple freelancers, and discuss the diverse relationship dynamics between Founders, SEO Managers, and more.

Show Notes:

  • 00:24: The optimal internal team structure for content marketing
  • 01:18: Why in-house Content Marketing Managers are most effective
  • 02:59: The role of SEO Managers in driving success (ideally)
  • 04:03: The pitfalls of outsourcing, its impact on quality and bandwidth
  • 05:19: The importance of consistency in brand voice with freelancers
  • 06:50: Ross’ perfect in-house team structure
  • 09:02: The pros and cons of Founder/CEO involvement
  • 11:58: How to navigate the challenges of in-house SEO management
  • 13:35: Closing insights

The optimal in-house team structure for content

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