You craft a perfect pitch to address all your client’s SEO needs, only for them to say no. Or, even worse, they cherry-pick parts of your plan until it resembles Frankenstein’s monster, inching toward lackluster results instead of up and to the right like you initially promised.

Ross talks with Tory Gray, the CEO of Gray Dot Company, an SEO, data and marketing intelligence company, about the common mistakes SEO professionals make and potential pitfalls that doom projects. They also address the age-old debate: Are SEO professionals responsible for whether their work gets implemented?

Listen to this episode of Content & Conversation for insights on how to get SEO projects accomplished in 2024.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 01:53: Understanding why problems in SEO occur
  • 07:55: Being a T-Shaped marketer
  • 09:10: Ross shares a recent client case study
  • 10:50: Tory shares a recent client case study
  • 13:28: Having critical conversations with clients
  • 15:45: Thematic issues that prevent SEO work
  • 19:54: Useful tips for getting SEO projects done
  • 24:20: Client communication philosophies
  • 27:20: Final thoughts on Ross’ Linkedin post
  • 33:43: Conclusion

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