When to hit send on an email could be the difference between a reply and straight to trash.

But it isn’t the only thing you should care about. This week Director of Marketing Caroline Gilbert chats with Content Lead Drew Page on his recent analysis of more than 85,000 emails we sent in 2020 to determine the best day and time to hit the send button. They also discuss why hyper focusing on send time isn’t the right mindset and psychology behind an opened emailed.

Show Notes:

  • 00:21: Summary of findings and methodology
  • 2:01: What we found across open rate, click rate and reply rate
  • 3:26: Our theories on why open rate sharply declines during the week
  • 6:22: What we’re changing with our outreach after this analysis
  • 9:33: Why send day and time isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on

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