Last week, Ross joined Neville Medhora for a whopping 1-hour discussion on our full process.

They cover everything from link building, scaling content creation, auditing existing posts, YouTube strategy and more. Did we say more? Yes, much, much more. Watch the recording over on Neville’s YouTube channel or listen below.

Show Notes:

  • 3:24: Are links and content really all that’s needed for SEO?
  • 8:11: The danger in relying on SEO hacks and loopholes
  • 10:15: Copywriting vs. content marketing
  • 13:15: Our outreach process including open rate and placement rates
  • 20:54: How to do content marketing at scale and still ensure quality
  • 24:39: Our preferred SEO and content marketing tools
  • 31:03: Refreshing content vs. killing a page
  • 38:00: Idea of “collaborative copy”
  • 41:30: The risk of content mills
  • 43:44: How to take simple topics and turn it into a link engine
  • 46:35: The Gary Vaynerchuk model and repurposing content
  • 50:45: Our YouTube strategy

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