SEO MBA’s Tom Critchlow is back on Content & Conversation.

If you don’t know Tom yet, you should. He’s a recurring guest on our show with quite the résumé — dropping his knowledge on everything SEO, like how to secure $1,000,000 in SEO budget.

After growing the esteemed digital marketing agency Distilled in 2011, Tom is now an independent consultant for enterprise businesses. He does all this while somehow finding the time to run a learning course for senior SEO professionals.

In today’s episode, Tom sits down with Siege Media CEO Ross Hudgens to chat about what it means to manage clients.

From running effective meetings and making your case to implementing the strategy that you intended, Ross and Tom provide the lessons they’ve learned to get the best results for your clients while having smooth communication along the way.

Show Notes:

  • 00:12: Welcome back, Tom!
  • 1:01: How to structure a good kickoff meeting
  • 9:03: Separating great kickoff meetings vs. average ones
  • 10:04: How many meetings are too many?
  • 15:20: Report revenue to increase credibility
  • 17:00: How to run meetings effectively
  • 22:22: Is dedicated account management essential?
  • 24:57: Defining the roles on your team to deal with clients
  • 26:45: Favorite tips for writing emails
  • 30:08: How to push back on clients — be empathetic
  • 37:46: Reporting, how to make your client look good
  • 40:29: Ghostwriting for clients
  • 41:37: When to use decks vs. reports
  • 42:04: How to educate your client and move the needle
  • 45:23: Ross’ new wave of strategy for clients
  • 49:32: Presentation best practices
  • 54:10: When upselling makes sense
  • 1:04:39: Learn more about Tom’s SEO MBA course

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